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How do I avoid a cesarean delivery?

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 How do I avoid a cesarean delivery?

Avoid going too early to give birth

When a woman begins to feel contractions, she usually goes to the hospital right away, in which case, due to the contractions or lack of water in the head, the woman spends a significant amount of time in the hospital before the actual delivery. The mother, longer she stays in the hospital, the better the medical intervention to complete the surgery. Having a baby as soon as possible increases the likelihood of undergoing a cesarean section, in addition to the woman staying at home a little longer and not rushing to the hospital, which makes her feel comfortable By being mobile and doing a lot of the things she can do. t do in the hospital.

Doing exercise

Exercise and physical activity can help reduce the incidence of cesarean section by increasing endurance during labor, but doing some physical activity is a difficult task for a pregnant woman, so the best exercise without difficulty and inconvenience is to go out and walk. A certain distance every day, thirty minutes a day. Not only can you walk but you can also do swimming and yoga, as they are both physically and emotionally beneficial for pregnant women and can help prevent and manage the anxiety and depression you experience during pregnancy. 

Avoid using interventions and medications

The use and administration of medications without adequate awareness may increase the chance of cesarean delivery, such as taking epidural medications early in the delivery date (painless delivery), because these types of medications are used correctly and used correctly for delivery, in addition to the need to avoid interventions Like needles, it is used to stimulate and speed up the process of labor, as this can cause injury and bursting of the fetus's water sac, resulting in the child being frozen in a position that is difficult to give birth naturally, resulting in increased joint risks to the mother and fetus.

Choosing positive surroundings

Women in the delivery room tell scary stories about childbirth, and the experiences of people around them can affect personal beliefs and thoughts, which in turn increases childbirth fears, so it is advised to listen to positive people for comfort and reassurance. It is also necessary to choose friends and people. Those with experience can get support and encouragement and can join forums and tutorials on how to support women with natural childbirth.