The secret of Facebook glitches.. Meta official explains

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 The secret of Facebook's glitches.. Meta official explains

The secret of Facebook's glitches.. Meta official explains

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An official from the parent company, Mita, confirmed to Sky News Arabia, Wednesday, that a glitch in the Facebook social networking platform caused problems with many user pages, noting that the problems were quickly resolved.

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According to the platform leader and its website Downdetector, which tracks glitches in the internet, many people are surprised by the comments and ads that appear on celebrity pages on Facebook user pages, even if the celebrity is not a follower of these celebrities. users around the world. Arab Sky News reached out to Meta Karen Arif, Communications, Technology and Innovation Officer for the Middle East and North Africa, via email, who confirmed the issue.

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“I will share with you the views of a Meta spokesperson on the issue, as he confirmed that the content of the Facebook page had changed, causing some users to experience News Feed issues on the page, but the issue was quickly resolved,” the official said. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • The flaw came after a change made by Facebook last July, which drew criticism from users for splitting the news feed into two parts.
  • The first section displays the friends, groups, and pages the user has subscribed to, while the second section that Facebook adds can be used for everything, including posts, testimonials, ads, or videos from public pages.
  • Observers believe that Facebook aims to broaden the base of opinions and commercials with a second advantage to compete with the Chinese platform Tik Tok, but that led to technical problems on Wednesday.

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