Russia: We have deployed Kinzal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine - NEWS

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 Russia: We have deployed Kinzal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine

Russia We have deployed Kinzal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine


Russia first used this system in March 2022, when it attacked a large arsenal in the Ivano-Frankivsk region

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Sunday that Russia had deployed three times the hypersonic Kinzal Dagger missile during military operations in Ukraine.

The Kinzhal missile was one of a range of weapons that Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed in a high-profile speech in 2018, in which he said it could strike almost any point in the world and evade US missile shields.

Shoigu said in an interview with state television today that the missiles have proven their effectiveness in hitting high-value targets on three times they have been used in Ukraine, adding that they are unparalleled and almost impossible to shoot down in flight.

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"We were deployed three times in this special military operation, and all three showed remarkable characteristics," Shoigu said in an interview broadcast by Russia's Channel One.

Russia first used the Kinzhal system in Ukraine about a month after sending tens of thousands of soldiers into neighboring lands, attacking a large arsenal in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of western Ukraine.

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  • Russia's Defense Ministry said on Thursday it has flown three MiG-31E fighter jets armed with Kinzal missiles to Kalinin Rad, Russia's coastal region in the Baltic Sea between NATO members Poland and Lithuania, EU members.
  • In another context, Russia today said that its Kalibr missiles destroyed an ammunition depot containing US-made HIMARS missiles in the southeastern Odessa region of Ukraine, while Kyiv said that Russian missiles hit a granary.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said a Kalibr missile, launched from the sea, destroyed a depot that also housed Western air defenses.

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  • A spokesman for the local government in Odessa said that two missiles were intercepted in the sea, but three hit agricultural targets.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry also said that its forces destroyed two M777 howitzers in combat positions in the Kherson region and a fuel depot in the Zaporozhye region allegedly containing more than 100 tons of diesel.