Baghdad . 12 protesters killed in the Green Zone

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Baghdad . 12 protesters killed in the Green Zone

Baghdad . 12 protesters killed in the Green Zone
Baghdad . 12 protesters killed in the Green Zone

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After the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr announced his final withdrawal from political action in the wake of the severe political crisis in Iraq, his supporters traveled to the fortified Green Zone in the capital, Baghdad, this afternoon, and stormed the presidential palace, prompting security personnel to fire tear gas to disperse them and regain control of the headquarters.

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Meanwhile, gunmen in the crowd fired live ammunition and clashed with the demonstrators.

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According to Agence France-Presse, 12 protesters were killed in Baghdad's Green Zone and 85 others were wounded.

Al-Sadiyah movement media is talking about the killing of the leader of Saraya Salam, Aqil Jouhi, in the Baghdad conflict.

In addition, the security forces announced the imposition of a comprehensive curfew in the country, but this did not stop the flow of Al-Sadr supporters. Some of the demonstrators who gathered in the Green Zone confirmed that the escalation would be in place in the coming hours.

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Sources in Al-Arabiya stated that dozens of demonstrators were injured after the crowd fired live ammunition and smoke bombs, while some Sadr supporters clashed with gunmen.

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In addition, unknown elements attacked media reporters on the site.

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As for Sadr City, it declared its full solidarity with Sadr's leaders and issued a general warning. He expected that other regions would also witness some demonstrations in the coming hours, especially in the southern governorates such as Wasit, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Basra and others. Where he won wide support, knowing that the demonstrators left Basra, some of them blocked the road with burning tires.

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Sadr's supporters also entered the Dekar building and took control of it. They also took control of the Maysan court.

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Some observers say the country will witness a form of civil disobedience.

threatening his life

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These developments come after Al-Sadr made it clear in a tweet on his Twitter account today, Monday, that he decided to retire permanently and close all sports institutions except for the shrine, the museum and the Heritage Department.

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He also hinted that his reform project might threaten his life, calling on his supporters to pray for him in the event of his death or death.

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sensitive time

At the same time, the Executive Committee of the Sadrist movement announced the end of its grip on street demonstrations, and opened all possibilities for the situation in Iraq.

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Al-Sadr's office also prevented his supporters from raising flags, slogans and political slogans on the media and communication platforms, or speaking on behalf of the movement, and closed all accounts.

It is worth noting that this retirement step comes at a sensitive time for the country, especially the ongoing political crisis since the last parliamentary elections that were held on October 10 (2021) last year, with the intensification and intensification of the dispute between the Sadrist movement and the Sadrist movement. Frame, including Nuri al-Maliki. Al-Fateh coalition factions and parties loyal to Iran.

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