What are the causes of stomach cramps after childbirth?

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What are the causes of stomach cramps after childbirth?

What are the causes of stomach cramps after childbirth

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Postpartum colic

After childbirth, women suffer from colic. Colic can last for up to two weeks or even longer, regardless of whether the delivery was natural or a cesarean section. 

This condition is a normal symptom after childbirth, and this condition is related to his health. Problems, and in most cases colic after childbirth does not require treatment. Because colic disappears automatically.

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Immediately after childbirth, a woman experiences uterine contractions, causing pain similar to that during menstruation. Due to the stretching of the tissues that make up the uterus, the abdominal muscles begin to relax until the uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy state. 

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What are the causes of stomach cramps after childbirth

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  • Women often experience colic after giving birth after having a second child. Her first baby's colic is less painful and can last for 2-3 days.
  • During pregnancy, the uterus doubles to 25 times its normal size, and after delivery, the uterus tries to return to its normal position and size.
  •  This is the cause of colic in a woman's uterus. It begins to contract, causing cramps and pain. When the mother breastfeeds her baby naturally, colic increases significantly. Colic may be accompanied by pelvic and back pain, 
  • but this is normal and should not be a concern. If colic persists for 6 weeks and is strong, the woman should consult a doctor to make sure that there are no other health problems. This is all for spontaneous birth.

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However, the case is that colic often lasts longer if the woman has had a cesarean section, especially if the woman has had a cesarean section before, or if she gave birth after the middle of nine months, it is a little different..., and the nature of the body plays A role in determining the severity and duration of colic after cesarean delivery.

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To relieve the testicles after childbirth, a woman can do simple exercises if the birth is successful, and the pain can be relieved by massaging the abdomen in a circular motion. If a woman is breastfeeding her child, she should consult her doctor to find out the appropriate type of medication.

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  • Hot drinks such as boiled cinnamon and anise can also be taken to relieve pain, but women are more susceptible to disease at this stage, 
  • so do not expose them to cold air currents or wear warm clothes.
  • Postpartum colic varies from woman to woman and depends on the nature of the body. 
  • Women feel terrible and unbearable pain and need to go to the doctor to give painkillers. Women can overcome their pain by taking painkillers
  • The pain is so minor that some women don't need it.

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