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Upset stomach during pregnancy

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 Upset stomach during pregnancy

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health during pregnancy

It is known that she suffers from many psychological and physiological changes in the post-pregnancy stage of a pregnant woman, 

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  • and because the health of the mother is part of the health and safety of the fetus, it is his health, and you should pay more attention to it. 
  • There is a close relationship between the health of the mother before and during pregnancy and the health of the fetus itself.
  •  It is also known that the stage of pregnancy is one of the most important emotional stages filled with problems associated with various changes in a woman.
  • These changes are categorized by the different months of pregnancy. This article looks at the problem of indigestion in pregnant women, 
  • describes the duration of its occurrence, the most important causes, and how to treat and eliminate it... This is it.

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Upset stomach during pregnancy

Indigestion or indigestion in pregnant women can be defined as temporary indigestion. It usually begins around the 27th week of the last few months of pregnancy

  • but can occur in the first few months, but to varying degrees. This problem occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female body,
  •  in addition to the increase in the size of the uterus in the last months. This increases pressure on the stomach and limits its proper functioning. 
  • Several recent studies have shown that 8 out of 10 women experience indigestion at some point during pregnancy.

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Symptoms of indigestion during pregnancy

Symptoms of indigestion in a pregnant woman are the same as those that appear in people who suffer from indigestion, and the most important and most common of these symptoms are:

  • Discomfort in the chest and abdomen.
  • A burning feeling in the stomach caused by acid refluxing from the stomach into the esophagus.
  • Frequent burping and a feeling of weight after eating.
  • There is always a feeling of fullness.
  • induce nausea and vomiting;
  • Causes of indigestion during pregnancy

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The cause of this problem is mainly due to the increased secretion of stomach acid, and damage to the gastric mucosa, which causes inflammation and symptoms of indigestion, but there are several other reasons, and there is a major role in the occurrence and development of this problem, the most important of which are:

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  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Due to the large size of the pregnancy, the pressure on the stomach increases.
  • Lower esophageal sphincter weakness. This prevents acid from backing up from the stomach into the esophagus.
  • Bad diet and habits that cause this problem.
  • Psychological stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Indigestion treatment during pregnancy

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  • Avoid fatty foods, sodas and other foods that cause an upset stomach, and coffee and other drinks that are high in caffeine.
  • Pregnant women do not need to eat a few small meals instead of a large meal three times a day, but they do need to eat basic healthy foods rich in important nutrients.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. This helps soften the stomach and reduce indigestion.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive stress and fatigue.
  • Take two hours before bed, not immediately after eating.
  • Please refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Drink enough water daily to improve the digestion of food in your stomach.

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