Tooth filling for pregnant women

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 Tooth filling for pregnant women

Tooth filling for pregnant women

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Dental care is an important aspect of medical care during pregnancy. Women may need treatment for some dental problems such as fillings and dental cleanings, and most doctors treat dental problems during pregnancy

This can be done and suggests that it can be avoided initially. pregnancy month. Pregnant women should see a doctor if they have dental problems. During pregnancy, hormones affect the gums and teeth, making tartar more likely to build up.

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 Pregnant women can suffer from bleeding gums, which increases the possibility of developing tooth decay. Eating a healthy, balanced diet supports the teeth that need to be cleaned well to avoid tooth decay such as vegetables and fruits, and avoid sweets and sugar.

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Tooth filling for pregnant women

A pregnant woman can develop blockage after 4 months, especially if she suffers from severe pain. Doctors use special medicines for pregnant women to avoid harm to the fetus and infections. The mother’s health has no objection to dental treatment during pregnancy, taking medications to relieve dental inflammation and untreated teeth, and if left untreated, the teeth can be damaged and lead to irreparable loss. Oral abscesses are harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Instead of ignoring the symptoms and exacerbating them, use dental treatments and medicines for pregnant women to eliminate infections and treat diseased teeth, so there is no objection to eating them. bad.

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There are no studies demonstrating the health risks of using mercury fillings during pregnancy. This is undesirable, doctors can use other types of mercury-free fillings, and pregnant women need to get enough calcium to support their growth. Fetal milk teeth.

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Tooth filling for pregnant women

Dental treatment during pregnancy can be troublesome for women, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. Sitting in a dental chair puts pressure on your blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and increases pressure in your lungs, making it difficult to breathe, so you can place a pillow under your thighs to prevent pressure on the blood vessels.

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X-ray imaging of the pregnant woman is prohibited except in emergency cases, and doctors must take pictures of the teeth to find out the location of the cavity that needs treatment, and the doctor will provide special coverage for pregnant women that can protect the abdomen from radiation, do not reach the fetus, and do not harm the fetus with local anesthesia.

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