The effect of cell phones on pregnant women

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 The effect of cell phones on pregnant women

The effect of cell phones on pregnant women

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Although mobile technology has brought many benefits, it also has many disadvantages that have harmed many people, especially pregnant women, and their effects can extend to the fetus. This article also discusses the negative effects on pregnant women. As instructions and instructions. Pregnant women should follow up to avoid risks.

The effect of cell phones on pregnant women Benefits of meat for pregnant women

The effect of cell phones on pregnant women

Studies have found that pregnant women who use cell phones are more likely to have behavioral problems than women who do not use cell phones. 

A pregnant woman is directly responsible for her health and the health of the fetus. So you have to stay away from everything that harms the fetus. This affects the formation of the fetus and thus mentally and physically the future woman.

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The effect of cell phones on pregnant women

  • mobile phone holder tips
  • Do not use when the signal is weak.
  • We recommend using a mobile phone with Bluetooth technology. This is because radiation is less harmful than a mobile phone without Bluetooth technology.
  • We recommend using a landline phone instead of a mobile phone.
  • It is recommended to rely on a computer rather than a mobile phone to send messages and make phone calls over the Internet.
  • Do not place your cell phone near a pregnant woman because the risk to the fetus is very high.
  • Studies on the risks of mobile phone use by pregnant women
  • Studies show that 50% of children develop behavioral disorders as a result of their mothers using mobile phones, which start at the age of seven, and more than 10% of children are exposed to mobile phones (cell phones). Use it at least once a day, four times.

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In fact, many believe that technology and all the mobile phones associated with it have an impact on our lives in every way. Here are some of these negative aspects of using cell phones.

The effect of cell phones on pregnant women

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  • Bacterial transmission, cell phones, and the use of cell phones are among the most important reasons that can lead to the transfer of bacteria to the skin when a person comes into contact with a phone, even if these bacteria are not visible. It is always advised to sanitize cell phones.
  • In some cases, members of society become addicted and dependent on the use of mobile phones, which leads to individuals withdrawing from social life and family.
  • The fetus has many problems when using mobile phones for long periods.
  • Traffic accidents are increasing as many drivers are busy using their mobile phones.