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The best program to transfer files easily

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SSDs or solid-state drives are significantly faster than the fastest disk drives but their price/performance ratio means that most users who boot their systems from SSDs don't have much extra space to store programs and data especially things like videos and games. 

The usual solution is to park the data and Even temp folders on traditional HDDs but this can hurt the performance you paid for when you bought an SSD and some programs and games might not even work. Moba's SymMover offers an interesting alternative.

 This simple freeware moves data to another disk and creates a connection Connect the old and new destinations. 

Your software and games will still function properly in the new destination. But you can also use SymMover to quickly transfer data back and forth between disks letting you keep your most-used games and software on an SSD or other main drive and Store your other data on slower larger-capacity disks.

The interface of SymMover is simple with the same view the folders in the source and the folders in the destination can be selected individually or with the select all and select all options. Runs a toolbar in the middle for adding and removing programs and files changing destination folders and moving items From source to destination and back. The web-based help file provides good explanations including troubleshooting.

SymMover is very easy to use. The interface shows installed programs on one tab and a tree view on another; we just select the ones we want to move and the tool does the rest. SymMover does not work with all types of files and programs.

 For example it only works with NTFS file systems and Does not work with FAT formatted USB drives. It doesn't move open or running programs and it requires administrator rights to perform certain actions.

 Some things don't move like my pictures folder but it does move subfolders that contain images. The log file explains the failed move. SymMover Provides an ingenious and simple solution for moving large amounts of data between hard drives whether they are SSDs or not.

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