Samsung confirms that its Galaxy Note series phones are dead

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 Samsung confirms that its Galaxy Note series phones are dead

Samsung confirms that its Galaxy Note series phones are dead

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Samsung has officially confirmed the cancellation of its flagship Galaxy Note series of smartphones with a digital pen. One of the South Korean company's most popular phones among users after the phone did not launch in 2021 and replaced the version in the new Galaxy S22 series.

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Speaking with reporters during the MWC 2022 conference Lu Taiwan said the company will no longer release new versions of the Galaxy Note series phones provided that the series will be released under the name Galaxy S Ultra similar to the latest generation series of phones Galaxy S which includes Galaxy S22 Ultra with a design unlike the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus the design bears the logo of the Galaxy Note series.

Samsung has replaced the Galaxy Note series with the version in the Galaxy S series

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The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is officially the latest phone in the series

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With Samsung officially announcing the cancellation of its flagship Galaxy Note series of smartphones, es the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra becomes the last phone in the series which Samsung started more than 10 years ago and launched the first-generation Galaxy Note 2011 in October 2011 Years the series continues To gain user satisfaction even after problems The Galaxy Note 7 the company had to cancel and withdraw from the market after the phone exploded several times.

As Samsung confirmed the demise of the Galaxy Note line the company simply dropped the Galaxy Note name while offering the same phone with a third version with the same features and specs that users of the series are used to. Under the name, 

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Galaxy S Ultra the Galaxy S series uses the same signature digital pen as the series The abandonment of the Galaxy Note series changes the usual release date for the new generation of phones as the South Korean company launches a new version of the Galaxy Note in the September or October quarter of each year and with the new changes users have to wait for the first quarter of each year New version launched by Samsung A new addition to the Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones launched in the last quarter of each year.

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