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pubg mobile update 2.1

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Finally, the new update of pubg global has been released
And now a lot of awesome and amazing features have been added that you can enjoy with friends and new types of equipment have been added in the game, various cars and new achievements that you can accomplish to get great rewards and prizes

Finally, pubg global after waiting for a long time, the advantage of obtaining the title of the skillful investigator was added by reporting the cheaters inside the game and banning them from the game. You can get the title after reporting ten people and banning them

Play in pubg global where 100 players, including robots or artificial intelligence, are dropped off the plane on an island called Troy, which is 8 km in size and is similar to the pubg global map in Pep J. Mobile, in order to collect weapons and supplies and start fighting between them and prevent survival and winning the game, where the events of the game in 2051 in the future where there are cars and houses from the future, weapons and advanced equipment, This game is characterized by many new additions such as the ability to call drones to bring the terms for cash you can get through the process of collecting equipment from the houses or according to the number of kills, and you can put shields while entering the battles to take shelter, and the ability to return a member of the team after killing him through the green gun, and the player who was dropped can withdraw from the game.

pubg global Features

The idea of ​​a new game from the future and different from the game pubg global
A new style of play that depends on how skilled you are at playing.
Rewarding the most influential people within the match by giving them money with which they can buy powerful equipment and weapons that help them win easily and without difficulties.
  • New and great maps like the map of Troy.
  • New and advanced weapons like the future.
  • A shop inside the match where you can buy all the equipment such as medicine, weapons, fuel and all other supplies that help you during the match.
  • The possibility of recovering a team member to life if he is eliminated from the match through the green signal pistol.
  • Free car skin for players once they pre-register the game.
  • Amending the weapon, such as adding or removing pieces, to make it more stable and powerful.
  • The ability to control a pilot without a passenger to spy on the nearby teams from.
  • The possibility of using the rear trunk of the car and to carry equipment and weapons, and this feature is considered the best advantage in this game because the previous generation or the pubg global game is the most problem that players suffer inside the match, which is the storage space.
  • Adding electric cars inside the game with a terrible appearance and a very beautiful shape.
  • The addition of electric cars from Tesla company inside the box with a terrible appearance and a very beautiful shape.
  • Metro trains inside the map that you can navigate through.
  • Recruit anyone you've eliminated and add them to your team.