Proper sleeping patterns during pregnancy

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Proper sleeping patterns during pregnancy

Proper sleeping patterns during pregnancy

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When a pregnant woman develops late in pregnancy and the abdomen grows large and fast, it becomes difficult to find a comfortable position during pregnancy. Cases can develop into severe depression and stress.

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Correct sleeping position for pregnant women

Doctors are looking for a comfortable sleeping position for pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy,

  •  especially when the stomach begins to swell outward, especially when the stomach begins to swell,

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  •  taking into account the avoidance of sleeping for long periods with coffee, as the weight of the pregnant woman increases. 
  • The doctor advises taking into account some conditions that help the health of the pregnant woman and the health of the fetus during pregnancy.

  • It is recommended to lie on one side and lie on the left side,
  •  allowing a short movement on the left side. 
  • This allows nutrients and oxygen to move freely to the placenta and from there to the fetus. It also improves your ability.
  •  It removes waste and toxins from the body of the kidneys and removes them to the outside.

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Proper sleeping patterns during pregnancy

  • Using a set of soft pillows, place one under the abdomen
  • weight the abdomen on it, the other along the spine of the lower back, and place a third pillow between the legs. 
  • It is not without a comfortable pillow under your head, 
  • but bend it back a little. There are also maternity pillows on the market that provide both pregnant women with one long pillow that extends from head to foot.

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A pregnant woman should skip the first month of her second pregnancy and stop lying on her back due to spinal pressure and pregnancy related stress, even if she is comfortable in this sleeping position. In addition to severe pain and low pressure on the muscles and intestines, it can cause serious problems for the mother such as hemorrhoids, indigestion, shortness of breath, sleeping in the stomach causing pressure on the inferior vena cava and other high blood pressure. increase problems.

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Proper sleeping patterns during pregnancy

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In addition to avoiding sleeping with your legs elevated, avoid cases of blood clots, muscle inflexibility, and other problems with high blood sugar, depression, and stress that can result.

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