Prenatal care for the pregnant woman to have a comfortable pregnancy and maintain the health of the fetus

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Prenatal care for the pregnant woman to have a comfortable pregnancy and maintain the health of the fetus

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prenatal care

Prenatal care, prenatal care, or pregnancy care involves a visit to the doctor for all necessary exams and tests during and before pregnancy. If you don't receive proper care during pregnancy, you are more likely to lose weight during pregnancy than those who receive appropriate care.

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What does prenatal care include?

As mentioned above, a pregnant woman usually consults a doctor several times during the different months of pregnancy for the necessary examinations and health checks. This can be explained in more detail as follows: 

Take your medical history

Your doctor will ask you about your menstrual cycle, your health, and medical history if you have a chronic disease, your lifestyle, tobacco and alcohol use, and other important questions. 

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Medical Examination

During this visit, your doctor will measure your weight and height to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and determine a recommended visit for your pregnancy weight and blood pressure. In some cases, your doctor may recommend a cervical and breast implant. Exams and more to check your health. 

lab test

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Your doctor may ask you to perform a series of clinical tests such as: 

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  • General blood analysis.
  • blood power.
  • Determine blood type.
  • urine analysis.
  • Liver function test.
  • delivery date
  • In this case, your doctor will determine your approximate date of birth based on your menstrual cycle.
  •  This helps doctors monitor the growth and development of the fetus at different stages of pregnancy,
  •  so it is necessary to determine the date of delivery. 

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Prenatal care for pregnant women

Determine the required dose of vitamins

Some doctors may create a chart listing the most important nutrients you should be eating, such as iron, vitamins, and calcium, depending on the ratios and requirements of these elements in your body... 

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Set a date for the next review

Your doctor will make a schedule showing you all the doctor's appointments you need to check during your pregnancy. Please note that most experts recommend seeing your doctor during your next pregnancy. 

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Prenatal care for the pregnant woman to have a comfortable pregnancy and maintain the health of the fetus

  • Once a month for 4 to 28 weeks.
  • Twice a month, from 28 to 36 weeks.
  • Once a week from 36 weeks until the end of pregnancy.
  • Listen to the voice of the fetus
  • In some cases, you may need to see your doctor at different times to hear the fetal heart sound using 
  • a Doppler machine. This usually occurs between the twelfth and fourteenth weeks of pregnancy. 

Prenatal care for pregnant women
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If you need to see a doctor

During pregnancy, especially before delivery, you may face many problems that require immediate treatment or consulting your doctor, the most important of which are:

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  • You suffer from bleeding and painful stomach cramps.
  • I feel very nauseous and vomit.
  • Increased vaginal discharge.
  • The appearance of an unpleasant smell of vaginal secretions.
  • There are symptoms of infection such as fever, chills, and pain when urinating.

Prenatal care for pregnant women
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