Is weight gain a sign of pregnancy?

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 Is weight gain a sign of pregnancy?

Is weight gain a sign of pregnancy

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Weight gain due to pregnancy

The weight of a pregnant woman naturally increases gradually with age, and it is clear that a pregnant woman gains weight during the first three months of pregnancy, the end of the first four months. You may notice, 

but if you gain weight, it's not a sign before or during pregnancy. This is the main sign of pregnancy. During the first or second month of pregnancy,

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 it is very difficult to cause a significant weight gain, especially since the fetus is still the size of a penis and the uterus has not yet begun to expand and stools. Weight gain may be associated with overeating, low levels of physical activity, or an imbalance in the secretion of hormones in the body. 

Early signs of pregnancy

Obvious and specific symptoms are: 

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  • Flatulence: Flatulence that

    occurs in the abdomen early in pregnancy and is not related to weight gain in pregnant women.
  • Lack of menstruation: Lack of or late menstruation is one of the most important signs of the possibility of pregnancy, 
  • and for women who maintain regular menstruation, this is one of the sure signs of pregnancy.

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  • Mammary gland pain: At the beginning of pregnancy there is a clear increase in the size of the mammary gland as well as pain 
  • in the mammary gland. The nipples are darker in color and surrounded by a distinct brown halo, so there are some changes. 
  • It also makes you more sensitive than usual.
  • Changes in the sense of taste and smell: A pregnant woman separates from some of her favorite smells and foods before pregnancy and may be attracted to some smells and smells, which leads to sudden changes 
  • in taste and smell. See the bait she had off before she got pregnant.

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Inorganic symptoms

They are conscious and intangible:

  • Morning sickness: Some women assume they are pregnant especially in the morning because they experience sudden and frequent nausea.
  •  This nausea is often accompanied by vomiting and usually begins at the beginning of the fourth week of pregnancy.

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  • Fatigue and stress: During the first trimester of pregnancy, a pregnant woman feels tired and stressed and lacks physical activity, 
  • in addition to her need for more sleep, especially during the day, 
  • and I feel tired. Secretion of the hormone progesterone in the body. 
  • This contributes greatly to the feeling of tiredness and the need for sleep.

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