iPhone SE 3 price and specs | Cons of iPhone SE 2022

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 iPhone SE 3 price and specs | Cons of iPhone SE 2022

iPhone SE 3 price and specs  Cons of iPhone SE 2022

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Apple announced at today's event that the third-generation iPhone SE (2022) has finally landed in Arab and international markets. The phone uses the same design as the previous generation and the device still retains the large edge screen and built-in homepage with a fingerprint. button it has updated the processor and uses the most powerful chip The company offers it in the smartphone space which has led to a remarkable evolution of the phone's capabilities whether it's for everyday tasks or photography manpower-saving let's talk about all the features of the iPhone SE3 and its flaws to determine if it's right for you if it's not worth buying? You can go to the tech spec sheet and then the price inside Egypt Saudi Arabia UAE Jordan Morocco and USD.  iPhone SE 3

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Basic Specifications of Apple iPhone SE (2022)

iPhone SE 2022 Specs Review Apple iPhone SE 3
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Let's start with the design and materials of manufacture: The third-generation iPhone SE adopts the usual design we've seen in the previous generation [se2020] with large edges a built-in Home button with fingerprint glass back and features Apple's most rugged protection against scratches and impacts the side frame metal is made of aluminum and has Volume button + power button + charging port + SIM card tray + mode switch button the upper edge of the front includes the call headset and front camera and the lower edge has the Home button.  iPhone SE 3
Design Colors: Midnight Red Starlight.
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The phone is lightweight [only 144 grams] and its full dimensions are as follows: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm.
  • It is waterproof and dustproof with IP67 standard which means up to half an hour underwater at a depth of 1 meter.
  • It supports the latest generation of 5G communication networks like previous generations such as the fourth/third generation with nano-sized communication chips installed and also supports e SIM electronic chips.
  • The screen in the iPhone SE3 is a 4.7-inch Retina IPS LCD with a resolution of 750*1334 pixels a pixel density of about 326 pixels per inch a brightness of 325 nits and support for wide color gamut and True Tone technology.
  • The screen has a layer of anti-scratch anti-shock anti-oil protection and it is not easy to appear fingerprints. The protective layer used is Apple's strongest.
  • The size of the display is 16:9 and due to the large bottom and top bezels, the front-end capture rate is only about 66%.
  • The iPhone SE 2022 has the most powerful Apple processor in all categories used in the iPhone 13 the A15 Bionic is a six-core processor manufactured with 5nm technology with a quad-core Apple GPU graphics processing unit.  iPhone SE 3
  • The phone runs the iOS operating system the latest version iOS 15.3 which includes the latest functions and features. Apple features support for its devices for years so devices will be eligible for years of new updates.
  • The security means in the phone is the fingerprint integrated with the home button there is no problem and it can also rely on traditional methods such as security codes.
  • iPhone SE 2022 is available in several memory variants: Storage memory 64 128 or 256 GB type of NV Me.  iPhone SE 3
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • There's no way to install a memory card to increase internal space so be sure to choose the version that works for you as there's no other option than cloud services including iCloud.
  • Equipped with a set of important sensors such as proximity-acceleration-compass-gyroscope-light-atmospheric pressure.
  • The iPhone SE 2022 features a 12-megapixel rear camera with optical stability and autofocus and a 7-megapixel front-facing camera.  iPhone SE 3
  • There's a quad-LED rear flash and the imaging app gives you various modes including Smart HDR 4 - Deep Fusion - Portrait Mode - Low Light Scenes - Time Lapse.
  • The camera supports 5x zoom but the type of zoom here is digital which means you lose image quality when zooming.
  • You can shoot 4K video at 24/30/60 fps with the rear camera or 1080p with the front camera at 30 fps and these cameras also support slow motion.
  • The battery inside the iPhone SE 2022 lasts up to 15 hours of video watching and supports 20W fast charging technology that can charge half of the battery in just 30 minutes Lightning charging port.  iPhone SE 3
  • The phone supports wireless charging so it can be charged with any Qi wireless charger while the battery usually takes longer to charge when using wireless charging.
  • The mobile phone comes with a stereo headset to enjoy an excellent audio experience. There is no 3.5mm headset installation port. You can buy headphones that can be installed through the charging port.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi network a/b/g/n/ac/6th generation hotspot function support.
  • Support concepts such as applying NFC technology to mobile payment services and applications.
  • Equipped with GPS as well as other auxiliary systems making the operation more accurate and faster.
  • For more information on the iPhone SE 3 visit the tech specs sheet below followed by the price sheet showing prices in Egypt Saudi Arabia UAE Jordan Morocco and USD.
  • See more products: In the latest Apple phones section and the latest smartphones available over the past few weeks section click on the section you want and you'll be taken directly to it.

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Disadvantages of the third generation of iPhone SE 2022 The traditional design cannot keep up with the current pace of development there is no charger in the box it must be purchased separately there is no 3.5mm interface and a memory card cannot be installed. The screen doesn't support high refresh rates making no difference at this price point. One for the rear camera so if you're a photography buff you might A wide-angle camera or telephoto is mis

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The Apple iPhone SE (2022) features outstanding materials and build quality. Supporting 5G networks Apple A15's most powerful processor excels at all heavy tasks. Fingerprint with Home button. IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Both the rear and front cameras offer excellent performance. 4K video capture @24/30/60fps. The battery is an improvement over the previous generation Previous + Wired and wireless fast charging. Stereo headphones provide very good sound.  iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3 price and specs  Cons of iPhone SE 2022

Apple iPhone SE 3 box and contents.

iPhone SE 2022 - Lightning charging cable. Metal pin for opening sliding tray - Warranty and instruction manual.
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