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Ice benefits for pregnant women

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 Ice benefits for pregnant women

Ice benefits for pregnant women

Because ice is made from water, it brings health benefits to a pregnant woman. Therefore, the snow hydrates the body 

  • and protects the pregnant woman from dehydration. Ice is a safe way to relieve morning sickness that most women experience
  • During pregnancy, in addition to its ability to cool off, 
  • ice gives a feeling of coolness and freshness, 
  • reducing the feeling of warmth that increases during pregnancy. 

In addition to the benefits of eating ice during pregnancy, there are benefits to using ice as a compress. Helps relieve various pains that a pregnant woman feels by placing a large amount of ice in a clean cloth. in the affected area. 

Note: You can take different natural juices from ice cubes. This enhances the human benefits of vitamins and minerals present in the fruit and helps achieve the desired benefits by eating ice, taking care not to drink too much ice..... 

Ice damage to pregnant women

Although ice has many advantages, it is not recommended to consume large amounts of it as it can erode the enamel layer and cause a variety of pain due to increased sensitivity that can damage the teeth. It causes the collision of hypothermia with a high temperature of the mouth, bleeding gums and pronounced pain in the jaw.

In addition to the effects on your teeth, if you accidentally swallow ice, consuming it can lead to choking. Cut the ice with your teeth 

Worried about craving ice during pregnancy?

If the craving for ice persists for a month and is constantly increasing, your doctor may be deficient in certain nutrients, especially iron, in your body, 

  • and a medical examination is recommended. The doctor will perform the necessary clinical examinations, 
  • and if the iron deficiency is treated properly with iron supplements in the form of tablets or injections, 
  • it will often reduce the need for ice after treatment
  • This will completely resolve, but if you have a cause other than iron deficiency, seek medical attention As needed.