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How do you gain weight after giving birth?

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 How do you gain weight after giving birth?

changes in pregnancy

Women experience many physical and mental changes during pregnancy and childbirth, and these changes differ from one woman to another. Some women become obese after giving birth, while others tend to feel weak and thin. gain weight

Weight gain after giving birth

Here are the steps and ways to follow after giving birth to help skinny women gain body fat.

  • Focus on eating greasy and greasy foods, focus on eating plenty of meat and vegetables, and focus on these foods early in labor.
  • Eat more high-carb foods.
  • When cooking, butter and ghee should be added. This is because it helps you gain weight by adding a certain percentage of fat fat to your food.
  • Follow the three main diets and do not skip any of them. Whether each meal has a certain value for the body and allows the woman to eat additional meals between meals.
  • Avoid excessive movement, especially during and after eating. Eat while she is seated and try to reduce post-meal movement as much as possible to prevent burning calories from her diet.
  • Focus on drinking plenty of water, especially water and natural juices.
  • Provides the body with certain nutritional supplements, vitamins and medicines that stimulate appetite.

  • Eat plenty of foods that are high in blood sugar and focus on eating sweets that provide the calories your body needs.
  • Avoid drinking liquids before meals as it will take up space in your stomach and fill it up quickly. It is better to drink after eating.
  • When you eat a certain number of dates, you can eat more than two dates because the amount depends on the woman's desire to eat.
  • Focus on eating large quantities of fried or grilled potatoes, as potatoes contain a certain percentage of starch. This contributes to weight gain.
How do you gain weight after giving birth

  • Fenugreek is one of the most effective ways to gain weight, so let it boil and let it cool down a bit before eating it.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, because they contain beneficial elements for your body.
  • Eat a variety of foods rather than focusing on one category.
  • The main course should contain all types of meat, including lean meat, chicken and fish. Eat it daily because it contains many vitamins that are beneficial for your health.