How do you deal with the costs of pregnancy?

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 How do you deal with the costs of pregnancy?

How do you deal with the costs of pregnancy

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pregnancy costs

They are the dark spots that appear in women during pregnancy, their percentage is higher in women with dark skin and appear in dark brown color that tends to be darker, and the skin problems that most pregnant women face, which is one of the problems. Different ways to get rid of them. 

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Melasma usually begins to appear on different parts of the body at the beginning of the third month of pregnancy, but is most common on the face and neck. Melasma occurs as a result of physiological changes that a pregnant woman is exposed to, which leads to an increase in the secretion of melanin responsible for the color of the skin and eyes, which leads to an increase in the secretion of progesterone. and estrogen.

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Tips to get rid of pregnancy costs

Among the most important tips that must be followed to get rid of costs:

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  • Before leaving the house, you should avoid sunlight as much as possible and use sunscreen. The sun's rays exacerbate the costs and make the situation worse.
  • If you eat foods rich in folic acid, such as leafy greens, brown bread and oranges, folic acid reduces changes in skin color and can be taken from supplements early in pregnancy.
  • It treats melasma directly and does not leave it for a long time. This way, it will not be difficult to treat later.

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Melasma can be treated using the following natural methods: 

  • Cocoa recipe: Mix 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 1 tablespoon of honey, 
  • apply the mixture on the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Peanuts recipe: Mix two tablespoons of peanuts and one tablespoon of honey, mix them well, distribute them in the affected area,

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  •  leave them for 30 minutes, then rinse them with lukewarm water. The recipe is repeated 3 times a week.
  • Triangular leaf recipe: Mix 2 tablespoons of triangular leaves, 3 tablespoons of rose water, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, 
  • 1 tablespoon of rice flour and mix all the ingredients until a smooth mixture is formed... 
  • Stir in circular motions for 10 minutes, then rinse First with warm water, then with cold water.
  • Hummus recipe: Mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour with a small amount of water. To form a liquid paste, distribute the mixture instead of melasma, 
  • leave for 30 minutes, then rinse first with lukewarm water, 
  • then cool and keep. The recipe is repeated 3 times a week. Liver spots gradually disappear.

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