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Diet before pregnancy

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 Diet before pregnancy

Diet before pregnancy

Weight gain can negatively affect pregnancy. This not only leads to building a healthy lifestyle to lose excess weight but also maintains a healthy weight before pregnancy

ensures the safety of pregnancy and avoids complications and difficulties during pregnancy

You need to do this. Depending on the needs of each woman as she is overweight, has deficiencies and health conditions that require special nutrition, 

it is recommended to consult a dietitian about the appropriate nutrition program. In addition to following a healthy posture, it is also recommended to follow a sports trainer to get the best results.

Diet tips before pregnancy

Increase your activity level

If you go on a diet and get more exercise and activity, you will definitely lose weight. This does not mean participating in the sports section. Increase your activity by walking for 20 minutes, running,

 or playing group games such as: In addition to avoiding driving and walking as much as possible, such as tennis, horse riding, cycling,

 and swimming, use the stairs instead of the elevators, and exercise with advertisements on TV shows and dance. Make sure the weight loss is due to fat and not muscle tissue. 

The right choice of food

Your daily diet should include a variety of foods that are good for your health. that is, 

If necessary, eat at least one serving of grains or starch per serving, as long as three servings are whole grains.

Fresh fruits, especially rich in vitamin C, such as oranges.

For each meal, divide more than ½ cup of vegetables into dark green vegetables and starchy vegetables.

Medium-sized products containing 150-250 g or less of lean protein such as fish, chicken, meat, and eggs.

A tablespoon or more of calcium-rich dairy products and other foods throughout the day.

A small number of nuts, according to personal needs and recommendations of the nutritionist.

Avoid fast and fried food.

Avoid sugar, especially sugary drinks, sweets, soft drinks, and baked goods, which are major causes of weight gain and health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. 

hydrate your body

A study of more than 9,500 people who did not drink enough water found that they had a higher BMI than those who drank enough water, so drinking enough water throughout the day maintains a healthy weight overall. You can improve your health. Drink water before meals to reduce calories.