Apple iPad Air (2022) price and specifications | iPad Air 5 Cons

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 Apple iPad Air (2022) price and specifications | iPad Air 5 Cons

Apple iPad Air (2022) price and specifications  iPad Air 5 Cons

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The fifth generation of iPad Air is now available globally and in the Arab markets. Apple released the Apple iPad Air (2022), which has the same design as the previous generation but adds a new purple color It got some improvements most notably the use of the M1 processor in the Pro class which delivers great performance in games and everything is tough, and we will discuss all the good things about the iPad Air 5 5th generation, regardless of its flaws, let's decide if it's right for you and worth buying?, You can o to the technical specifications sheet, then the local prices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Jordan, Morocco, and the US dollar, let's take a quick look at the most prominent first.

Key specs: Apple iPad Air (2022)

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iPad Air 5 specifications review

Let's start with the design and materials: iPad Air uses the same design as the 4th generation, with an all-metal aluminum body, sharp/straight side edges, volume buttons + power button + speakers + charging port + chip tray, front aligned, the overall design is excellent.

The device weighs about 461 grams or 463 grams, depending on the version, and the device comes in two versions, the first supports Wi-Fi networks only, and the second supports Wi-Fi + chips.

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Design color [5]: blue - white - gray - purple - pink.

It supports the 5G network, and thanks to the fourth/third/second chips, nano-level communication chips are installed, and the device also supports electronic chips.

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The screen in iPad Air 5 is a 10.9-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1640 x 2360 pixels, a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch, a brightness of 500nits, and a scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint coating. Anti-oil protection, support original color and wide color gamut technology.

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The symmetrical edges of the screen provide a capture rate of approximately 82%. The Apple Pencil (2nd generation) can be used for functions such as taking notes and drawing. The stylus attaches to the side of the iPad with the help of magnets and starts charging immediately for use.

The processor used is the Apple M1 processor - 8 cores with 5-nanometer manufacturing technology, and 8 GPU cores, the same processor found in the previous generation of iPad Pro.

It runs on Apple's iPadOS 15.3 operating system, giving you a wide range of features. The company has been supporting its devices for years, so you'll get updates as soon as they become available.

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Apple iPad Air (2022) price and specifications  iPad Air 5 Cons

iPad Air 5 comes in two versions, memory and RAM:

  • The first is 64 GB and the second is 256 GB, NVme type.
  • The RAM [RAM] is 8 GB.
  • The memory card cannot be installed, so be sure to choose the appropriate version according to your choice.
  • The power button integrates a fingerprint, and the device is equipped with an important set of sensors such as an accelerometer - gyroscope - compass - air pressure.

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  • iPad has four external stereo speakers for a better audio experience.
  • 12MP rear camera with autofocus, 12MP front camera with 122° wide-angle, support central feature that adjusts the viewing angle and automatically puts you in the center of the frame, and when someone walks in with you, the field of view of the frame will be automatically expanded to show two people in view.
  • You can shoot 4K video at 24/30/60fps from the front camera and up to 1080p at 30/60fps. These cameras also support slow-motion shooting.
  • The photography app provides you many modes such as Smart HDR 3 - Burst mode - Movie video - TTime-Lapse- Lens correction.
  • The camera supports electronic stabilization technology for high stability and prevents motion-induced shaking while capturing video.
  • iPad Air 2022 features a microphone that isolates ambient noise during calls or video recordings, a feature that gives you the purest sound possible.
  • Built-in non-removable Li-ion battery that lasts up to 10 hours of surfing the web and watching videos Supports 20W fast charging technology and Type-C 3.1 charging port
  • Equipped with GPS and other systems to make the process of determining the location faster and more accurate.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac / 6th generation supports hotspot function and Bluetooth 5.0
  • iPad Air 5 can connect to external displays of up to 6K and 60Hz, and connect to the Magic Keyboard for a more productive experience.
  • For more information, please visit the Technical Specifications table below, followed by the pricing table showing prices in US dollars within Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, and Morocco.
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Disadvantages of iPad Air 5th generation 2022 I hope the screen supports high refresh rates Limited options in terms of memory and memory cards to install No number of 3.5 mm ports for wired headphones.

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Apple iPad Air (2022) Stylish design, premium materials, five SIM cards + 5G network color options, the edge of the screen is harmonious and excellent color, providing a satisfying experience The M1 processor delivers extremely powerful performance in all demanding tas ks. The backk camera / Front camera provides excellent results for the tablet. 4K video shooting features electronic stabilization and noise reduction. The battery lasts for a long time and supports fast charging. One of the advantages of the iPad is that the excellent iPadOS gives you the special functionality of a tablet. The stereo speaker system provides you with a great audio experience. Built-in fingerprint + button, Type C 3.1 port, supports Apple II pen and Magic Keyboard.

Apple iPad Air 5 case and contents.

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iPad Air 5th Gen 2022 20W Charger Head - Type C Charging Cable. Metal Drawer Opening Pin - Instruction Manual and Warranty.


Apple iPad Air (2022) price and specifications  iPad Air 5 Cons

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