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Where is the fetus head in the seventh month?

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 Where is the fetus's head in the seventh month?

Where is the fetus's head in the seventh month

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Where is the head of the fetus in the seventh month? It should be noted that the fetus constantly moves between positions during pregnancy, 

and it should be noted that some fetuses prefer the breech position during the seventh month of pregnancy; an elevated position. down,

 but a pregnant woman should not worry about the examined position of the fetus in the seventh month; As the fetus may begin to prepare for birth at the end of this month, by changing its position, the head is directed downward, 

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 In particular, there are three main types of breech presentation, and the following are their data: 

  • Frank's seat: This is a position where the fetus's legs are elongated or straight in a V-shape in front of the body, with its feet elevated close to its face.
  • Full rear: the fetus is in a sitting position with the legs held in front of the body and the feet close to the buttocks.
  • The full seat, where one or both feet of the fetus is lower than the buttocks.

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How can you know the position of the fetus?

Referring to the doctor is the best way to know the position of the fetus, and it is recommended on the second visit to the pregnant woman that the doctor examines and feels the pregnant woman’s abdomen to determine the position of the child. 

During the third trimester, doctors also check to see if the fetus has moved into an anterior or posterior position at the 35th or 36th week of pregnancy. 

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perform a physical examination if the doctor is unable to determine the correct position of the fetus through a physical examination; an Ultrasound may be ordered. 

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If the fetus is in the seated position, the pregnant woman may feel the baby’s head and feel it as a solid round mass under the ribs, it does not move much, 

which may cause discomfort to the pregnant woman and feel the movement of the seated fetus depending on the position of the fetus’s legs, 

in addition to the position of the fetus, whether anterior or posterior; Where the pregnant woman may feel the fetus kicking around the ribs when the fetus’s feet are close to his ears in a clear seated position, 

and the fetus in the navel in the full seat position may feel a kick from below which indicates that if the fetus is in a forward position, which means that his back Heading forward, the mother may not feel the mother's abdomen, the mother is making a lot of fetal movement. 

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