What is the reason for changing the color of the eyes of a child?

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 Children's eyes change color

What is the reason for changing the color of the eyes of a child

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Once the newborn arrives home, he is very curious to know the color of his eyes, so some say his eyes are blue, others say he has gray or black eyes, 

and the stories vary, and no true color is inferred. eyes. Eye color is a trait that depends entirely on genes inherited from parents and grandparents and is controlled by 8 inherited genes instead of one.

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 A baby's eyes acquire melanin, which gives the iris its color three months after a baby is born. It is a pigment similar to the color of hair and skin, and depends on the strength of the melanin present, and determines the color of the eyes of the child.

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Scientifically speaking, there are two types of eyes:

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

  • Colored eyes include black, brown, hazel, and green.
  • No color, only blue eyes.

Reasons for changing eye color

Changes in eye color have two causes, artificial or genetic. In terms of structures, we discuss how many layers the iris contains. A blue eye has only two layers of the iris, while a colored eye has three layers, two of which are the iris. 

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It is found in blue eyes and another layer that gives the iris a new color that is not blue. Genetically, it is a combination of two recessive genes from both parents, designated as (aa), which causes the child to have blue eyes. Newborns will have colored eyes.

What is the reason for changing the color of the eyes of a child

Child eye infection treatment

Several problems can affect the eye, especially in newborns, which are mild if treated quickly.

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Among these problems are:

  • Sticky eyes: Bacteria that become infected when your baby leaves the birth canal can cause sticky eyes (sticky eyes), which can be treated with regular cleaning of your baby's eyes and disappear within a few days.
  • Blocked tear ducts: This blockage causes tears in one or both eyes, and treatment is usually with eye drops or ointments. In rare cases, doctors may surgically open the tear ducts.
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  • Conjunctivitis: Inflammation of the membrane that covers the pupil and inside the eyelid. It occurs more often in children in the first month. The most common symptoms of conjunctivitis are purulent discharge in the eyes, redness of the eye, and wilting of the eyelid. The need to consult a doctor, as the child may need creams and antibiotics.
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