What is the position of the fetus in the eighth month?

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 What is the position of the fetus in the eighth month?

What is the position of the fetus in the eighth month

The position of the fetus in the eighth month

first week

In the first week of the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus weighs about 2 kg and grows to 44 cm in length. It reaches the top of his fingers, and you need to install it immediately after birth, 

and he may rub his face before birth, and the fetus continues to rotate in the mother's womb.

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second week

What is the position of the fetus in the eighth month

Your fetus is now 46cms from head to toe and weighs 2,400g and has a good chance of surviving outside the womb while receiving hospital care.

 Fat begins to accumulate on the arms and legs, and the eyes and eyelids are fully developed to open the eyes. When closing in on sleep, some babies begin to turn their heads down. Ready for birth, 

however, the bones of the skull are still too soft and not fully attached to allow the fetus to exit through the narrow tube, so this period of labor is very dangerous for the fetus, 

as your baby's skin becomes softer and less tender. Wrinkles, and Braxton Hicks contractions increase and become stronger and more frequent. During the placenta in the developing organ, the child's immunity against infections is not strong.

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the third week

Your child is now 47 cm tall and weighs 207 kg. The child's body is growing in a circular motion due to the accumulation of layers of fat on it. There is a lot of fat on the legs and arms, 

which helps to regulate the body temperature; Because the child does not have fat under the skin layer to maintain the body temperature if he is born during this period, 

he will not be able to regulate his body temperature, and the doctors put him in the nursery alone to make sure his temperature is stable.

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fourth week

What is the position of the fetus in the eighth month

The fetus continues to grow rapidly, the fetus's responses become coordinated, and it settles there when the baby descends into the birth canal,

 at this point, it is 8 centimeters long and weighs 207 kilograms. You may feel uterine contractions as your baby gains weight and fat covers the neck and wrists.

 The baby is about to be born because of his kidneys His liver has finished developing and can expel some waste, just like the rest of his body is fully developed, except for the lungs.

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Falling (the baby descends into the birth canal) during the week, if this is not your first baby, it probably won't happen even before birth, but the head will be lowered, 

and the legs will be raised, which is 'We will hold this position until birth, the movements that are likely to be He will do them in tandem and you will feel these movements clearly.

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