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What is a hydatidiform mole of pregnant women?

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 What is a hydatidiform mole?

What is a hydatidiform mole of pregnant women

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hydatidiform mole

A hydatidiform mole is defined as one of the health problems or complications associated with the pregnancy process. A cystic pregnancy is a so-called trophoblast that forms when a sperm fertilizes an egg and begins a pregnancy, Hydrated mole for pregnant women?

and is represented by abnormal growth. During pregnancy, the hydatidiform mole is thought to be the primitive tissue that later forms the placenta, and as you know, the placenta nourishes the fetus as it develops in the womb. Hydrated mole for pregnant women?

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The part responsible for nourishing and nourishing the fetus is required through the umbilical cord, and this placental growth occurs abnormally or in the form of a tumor-like tissue, known as a hydatidiform mole. cause things. In this type of pregnancy,

 the fetus has two types of hydatidiform mole, as in a normal pregnancy, the first type is known as an incomplete hydatidiform mole.

What is a hydatidiform mole of pregnant women

 The second type is known as a complete hydatidiform mole, which is represented by the presence of a normal part of the place and another part of the abnormal, which can be associated with the emergence of a fetus, and there, but this is because the fetus cannot. 

This pregnancy usually ends in miscarriage in the first few months of pregnancy, similar to a complete hydatidiform mole. Usually, it is represented by the abnormal formation of placental tissue, usually manifested in the form of a fluid-filled sac, without the formation of this type of vesicular pregnant fetus. Hydrated mole for pregnant women?

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Symptoms of a hydatidiform mole

Under normal conditions, normal human cells consist of 23 pairs of chromosomes. That is a total of 46 chromosomes, 23 chromosomes from the mother, and 23 chromosomes from the father. In a hydatidiform mole, 

an increase in the number of chromosome pairs from the father is observed, causing the formation of fertilized eggs that cannot survive, although they often do not appear early in the symptoms of this type of pregnancy. overtime. Among the most important expressions: 

Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. Hydrated mole for pregnant women?

  • Brown discharge from the vagina with a watery consistency. Hydrated mole for pregnant women?
  • A nodule emerges from the vagina that resembles a bunch of grapes.
  • During a healthy pregnancy, the sensations of nausea and vomiting are stronger than usual, and nausea and vomiting usually occur more often.
  • A feeling of intense pressure or pain in the pelvic area.

mole risk factors

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The cause of a hydatidiform mole is not clear, but it is believed that several factors increase the risk of its development, the most important of which can be summarized as follows:

What is a hydatidiform mole of pregnant women

  • Age: Moles are common in women over the age of 45 and in women who become pregnant in their teens.
  • Race: Statistically, Asian women may have twice as many moles as other races.
  • Health history: If a woman has never had a watery mole before, she has a 1/600 chance of getting pregnant with this type, but if she has had a watery mole once, the ratio is 1/80. will rise. If you have become pregnant more than once due to a hydatidiform mole, there is about a 20% chance of getting pregnant with this type.
  • hydatidiform mole treatment Hydrated mole for pregnant women?
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  • When the presence of a hydatidiform mole is diagnosed by ultrasound, the treatment depends mainly on one of the three methods, which are selected by a specialist based on many factors, and these methods are as follows: They can be summarized.
  • Aspiration: (removal of aspiration), and this medical operation is performed under general anesthesia, where its principle is specially inserted from the vagina to reach the uterus and remove the abnormal tissues formed in the uterus, 
  • and this depends on the use of medical tubes. At the beginning of pregnancy. It should be noted that this treatment is successful in most cases of hydatidiform mole, and women can go home the same day Hydrated mole for pregnant women?
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  • Medications: In some cases of a hydatidiform mole, especially if the tissue from a hydatidiform mole is too large to be inhaled in the usual way.
What is a hydatidiform mole of pregnant women

  • Hysterectomy: In fact, this type of surgery is not performed by a specialist unless the woman wants to have a baby in the future because the uterus is completely removed.
  • In many cases, tissue from a hydatidiform mole is not completely removed even after the above treatments. This is also normal in most cases, as the body removes the remaining tissue over several months. Hydrated mole for pregnant women?
  • It is usually worth noting that after receiving the basic treatment for urine and blood tests, you need to go to a specialist to make sure that your body is not pregnant. Hydrated mole for pregnant women?
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