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What is the harm of forgetting the contraceptive pill?

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 Forgetting the contraceptive pill

Forget your contraceptives

Combined pills are usually taken daily for 21 days with one hormone pill followed by a 7-day break or other pills, but for 7 days if the medication is taken instead of the hormones (ineffective). Cases depend on the number and type of medication missed. Below is a detailed description of this. Forgetting the contraceptive pill

Forget one pill

What is the harm of forgetting the contraceptive pill

Missing one pill can prevent pregnancy, but even if it means taking two pills a day and continuing to take them in the same order as above, you should take them as soon as you remember. There is no need to use additional methods of contraception Forgetting the contraceptive pill

Forget two or more tablets

If you miss more than two tablets, or if 48 hours have passed without taking the medicine, the woman will not be protected from pregnancy and even if that means taking two tablets a day, you should take the last tablet you did not take. 

It is recommended that you continue to take the pills for one day and in the same order as before, and use additional contraception such as condoms for the next 7 days. 

Forget the alternative medicine

If you miss your placebo tablet, take 7 tablets 21 to 7 days after you take it. You do not need to take the missed placebo tablet, but it is enough to go back to the next dose. time.,  Most pills contain placebos that are free of hormones, Forgetting the contraceptive pill

 so there is no need to worry. These pills are designed to maintain daily contraception because skipping a placebo pill is not likely to cause a woman to get pregnant, so it's a good idea to keep taking her as she manages her pill regimens. Forgetting the contraceptive pill

Forget the progesterone-only birth control pill.

If you forget to take a progesterone-only contraceptive and take it only within 3 hours Forgetting the contraceptive pill, do the following: 

  • As soon as you remember, bring your lost tablet.
  • Take the next tablet at the regular time. Forgetting the contraceptive pill
  • Do not use additional contraceptives.

If you forget your progesterone-only oral contraceptive for more than 3 hours, follow these steps: 

  • If you miss several tablets, take them as soon as you remember (one tablet only).
  • Take the next tablet in time Forgetting the contraceptive pill