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What is the cause of a weak pregnancy and the way to get rid of it?

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 Why is the pregnancy weak?

What is the cause of a weak pregnancy and the way to get rid of it


Many pregnant women do not have enough information about pregnancy, which makes pregnancy a frightening and confusing subject. There is information that a pregnant woman needs to know in order toto increase her self-confidence and easily deal with pregnancy problems, the safety and security of her fetus, and those who are in direct contact with a pregnant woman during pregnancy. Need some important information for help and support.

What is the most important month of pregnancy?

The first few months of pregnancy are the most important. Because during this period the stability of pregnancy begins, and God forbids, a pregnant woman can lose her fetus during this period at a higher rate than in the last stages of pregnancy.

 A pregnant woman can lose her fetus for any of the following reasons: a pre-pregnancy miscarriage, a dilation of the cervix, known as atony of the cervix, or a change in the place designated for pregnancy. 

If an egg is attached to the place of the uterus, this is the uterus, and this is called a miscarriage. There are serious complications in the process of recurrent fetal loss, and the uterus may not be able to confirm pregnancy in the future, which is also dangerous and frightening.

  • To avoid a miscarriage, a pregnant woman should do the following:
  • Focus on a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Even if you are not a smoker, the smoke that a smoker inhales carries the same risks, which is called second-hand smoke, so stay away from smoking areas and smoking places.
  • Stay away from toxins and alcohol.
  • Stay away from medication as much as possible, because some medications can cause fetal loss.
  • Maintain folic acid intake.

Why does a weak pregnancy occur?

Pregnancy is impaired because the levels of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) involved in the developing fetus are below the required levels, but if it is still weak, the doctor will prescribe stabilizers for the pregnant woman.

Poor pregnancy and low levels of pregnancy hormones may be a result of poor quality of the fertilized egg as a result of polycystic ovaries if the fetus suffers from a cyst or defect in the chromosomes, or if the cause is a defect in the uterus. 

The fetus accepts it and cannot stabilize the fetus, and in this case, there are medicines and injections to strengthen it