What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy?

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 What is discharge during pregnancy?

What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

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Types of discharge during pregnancy

Almost all women experience an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy, which is normal due to the softening of the cervix and vaginal wall during pregnancy, 

which leads to increased vaginal discharge from the vagina, which helps prevent infection of the uterus. Increased vaginal discharge may be a sign of pregnancy, 

What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

as high progesterone during pregnancy can increase fluid production in the body and thus stimulate increased vaginal discharge, 

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but pregnancy is not a reliable indicator. This is due to other causes of increased vaginal secretions. Below is a description of the types of vaginal secretions that occur during pregnancy.

Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy

What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

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Normal vaginal discharge, called subserum, consists of normal vaginal bacteria, as well as old cells and secretions from the cervix and vagina. Normal vaginal discharge can be distinguished by the following characteristics: 

  • Color: Emissions may be transparent or milky white.
  • Odor: The secretions are weak or odorless.
  • Thickness: Thin to thick or persistently mucous discharge.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy
What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

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The appearance of vaginal discharge with an abnormal color or smell, the appearance of secretions that cause pain or itching, the appearance of abnormal secretions as a sign of infection or inflammation, or the presence of other health problems. See a doctor if: 

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  • Due to an increase in the number of vaginal secretions or changes like vaginal
  •  secretions in a pregnant woman before reaching the 37th week of pregnancy,
  •  clear watery fluid will flow continuously. 

  • It could be one of the signs of premature labor.
  • In the case of vulvitis, or when it becomes white, 
  • odorless secretions appear, accompanied by pain during urination
  •  or intercourse, 
  • in addition to a burning and itching sensation in the genital area. 
  • This may indicate a fungal infection.
  • If the vaginal discharge has a strong odor, 
  • or if the color, quantity, and texture of the secretion are different from the normal secretion.

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Painful vaginal discharge when urinating.

What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman notices that the color of her vaginal secretions has changed from the normal, the appearance of abnormally colored secretions may indicate the following: 

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  • Green or yellow discharge: Green or yellow discharge from the vagina is not normal and may indicate a sexually transmitted disease.
  • In some cases, a sexually transmitted infection causes no symptoms, in addition to other symptoms such as redness and inflammation of the genitals,
  •  such as chlamydia and trichomoniasis.
What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

  • Gray discharge: Gray discharge may indicate a vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis, 
  • especially if there is a foul odor that gets worse after intercourse.
  • Red discharge: The appearance of red vaginal discharge during pregnancy requires immediate medical attention, 
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  • especially if the bleeding is profuse or contains blood clots, 
  • or if the bleeding is accompanied by abdominal cramps or pain, and it may be.
  • Vaginal secretions change right before birth
  • It is noteworthy that as the end of pregnancy approaches, 
  • the amount of normal vaginal secretions increases, especially in the last week of pregnancy. 
  • These secretions begin a few days before birth, as the secretions are one of the signs of childbirth. 
What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

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How to deal with vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Precautions are among the best things a pregnant woman can do to maintain the health of her reproductive organs and the health of her pregnancy, which are explained as follows:

  • Pads can be used to absorb vaginal secretions, but frequent use of these pads can irritate the genital area.
  • Avoid using tampons during pregnancy.
  • Clean the vulva from front to back.
  • Sweaty sportswear and wet swimwear should be replaced immediately.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing or underwear made of materials other than cotton, especially if your genitals are inflamed.
What is the cause of secretions during pregnancy

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  • Don't use bubble baths, scented pads, scented toilet paper, feminine cleansing sprays, scented soaps, or deodorants. 
  • The use of scented items can irritate the vagina.
  • Do not use the shower. This affects the balance of beneficial bacteria naturally present in the vagina and can increase the risk of infection.
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