What are the things that you must prepare for the birth?

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 What are you preparing for the birth?

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What are you preparing for the birth?

Every expectant mother is happy and excited about the birth of a new baby. For this reason, all pregnant women need to think about a few things before and after childbirth. This article describes some preparations for childbirth. What a mother should accept.

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Prenatal preparation

  • You need to make a specific plan to call emergency help as needed, such as hospital phone number, spouse's office, relatives phone number, police phone number, etc.
  • You should arrange office chores for your mate after childbirth and take care of your home before childbirth.
  • Find out the correct hospital address.
  • Organizing for travel when there is no family.
  • Make a list of the means of paying bills, etc., that your spouse or family will do while you are in the hospital.

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Get ready before you go to the hospital

  • Before leaving the house, the mother needs to take a warm shower.
  • You should be careful to remove your pubic hair and bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and all the cleaning products you need.
  •  Do not take your jewelry or go to the hospital for fear of losing it or losing it.
  •  Review your doctor's business card and everything related to pregnancy, such as the birth plan from your doctor.
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  • The bladder must be emptied properly.
  • Includes ID card, health insurance, and family book.
  • Bring your own towels, barbershop, handkerchiefs, pajamas, pajamas, bras and pillows, homecoming clothes and shoes, and some of your own towels to help you relax.

Preparing a newborn bag

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  • There are some things that a mom should put in her newborn bag.
  • Take 3 pajamas, a hat, socks, and feet.
  • Bring your baby clothes home and get warm.
  • Be sure to consider the design of the child seat so that you can put your child in the child seat when you return home.
  • Take the baby's diaper.
  • Use special nail scissors to cut your child's nails to avoid injury.
  • Hold the cuffs to wrap the baby, keep him warm, and easy to carry.
  • To protect your child, prepare a bag designed to carry your child in it.
  • Newborns are prohibited.
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