What are the things that a newborn baby needs?

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 What does a newborn need?

What are the things that a newborn baby needs

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Newborn baby essentials

The preparations for the newborn are the most preoccupation for the pregnant woman during her pregnancy, newborn baby needs

especially after knowing the gender of the newborn and the approaching date of birth. Most women make a mistake when they begin to bring what their newborn needs from any store they see without planning or arrangement; 

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You often buy equipment that you don't use later, and sometimes you forget to buy some necessary things; Therefore, in this article, we will show all the requirements for a newborn baby. newborn baby needs


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Covers and bedspreads must be made of 100% cotton; To protect the newborn from allergies, a newborn baby needs

and to be of suitable sizes for the bed, taking into account the selection of beautiful and modern colors and models as much as possible and in proportion to the financial ability, and the necessary bedding are as follows:

  • Three-bed sheets.
  • Two washable winter covers.
  • Three to four light washable covers newborn baby needs.
  • A blanket or two for getting out in the car or sleeping outside.
  • Six small pieces of cloth to put on the shoulder if the baby burps after feeding.
  • Two large bath towels with hood.
  • Three to four small-sized pads newborn baby needs.
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  • Sleeping bag, wax.
  • bedroom
  • A bed for children.
  • Bed mattress (mattress).
  • Mosquito net for bed newborn baby needs.
  • Bedside rails.
  • Portable crib to put the newborn in when going out in the car.
  • shower tools
  • bathtub newborn baby needs.
What are the things that a newborn baby needs

  • Baby sponge and bath mitts.
  • Shower gel and shampoo with no tears formula.
  • A soothing essential oil for children.
  • Moisturizer is suitable for children's skin.
  • brush and comb.
  • Clothing

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Before going to the market to buy clothes, you must determine the number of clothes to be purchased that fit the conditions of the house, and that the most that the newborn needs:

  • Six to ten underwear with an opening in the front and two side snaps.
  • Four to seven salbobites (overalls) are convenient for the home newborn baby's needs.
  • Three to six weather-matched bodysuits, varying between cat and long sleeves.
  • Two complete outfits are convenient to go out.
  • One or two jackets newborn baby needs.
  • One to three covers.
  • Two to three pairs of tassels.
  • Three aprons for children.
  • nutrition

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It is always better to choose to breastfeed, and not to resort to formula milk unless necessary. Nevertheless, some luxuries make the task of breastfeeding easier, namely:

What are the things that a newborn baby needs

  • One or two bottles of 180 ml for natural herbs.
  • One or two 250ml bottles.
  • pacifier
  • Breast pump. newborn baby needs
  • Breast pads.
  • Ointment for breastfeeding.
  • Outdoor nursing cover. newborn baby needs
  • Mobility

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There are many types of strollers for children, and they are of different shapes and sizes, it is possible to choose from the following group:

  • A moving cart.
  • Car seat.
  • baby carrier.
  • Diaper bag.
  • Soft wet wipes.
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