What are the symptoms of fetal death in the first months?

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 What are the symptoms of fetal death in the first months?

What are the symptoms of fetal death in the first months?

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God Almighty has bestowed many blessings on humans, including The presence of children adds joy and beauty to life. Every couple seeks a child to have a child, 

even after being married for a while. I know, Your Majesty. The journey of pregnancy begins as the egg is fertilized in the mother’s womb. 

The mother enters the first stage of pregnancy, from the first day of pregnancy until the end of the third month. This stage is characterized as the most dangerous stage; Because the fetus is formed mostly during this period.

But it is also possible that the pregnancy may not be completed and the fetus is exposed in the womb for various reasons and dies within the first few months. 

Studies have shown that after the fetus dies in the womb for a while, the remaining fetus is not harmful, but the problem may be that the mother bleeds profusely in the womb, 

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which leads to a lot of blood loss, which in turn causes the fetus to lose a lot of blood. There may be a danger to her fetus. her life, 

but because of the psychological damage that has befallen her, it is necessary to expedite the exhumation of the dead fetus from the woman; Her health may deteriorate with the deterioration of her mental state.

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Symptoms of a fetus dying in the womb during the first few months

  • The feeling of fetal movement stopped for a few days.
  • The milk in the breasts is congested due to the lack of hormones responsible for preventing milk production during pregnancy.
  • Mothers may bleed, with either little or no hemorrhage.
  • In some cases, a pregnant woman may suddenly not have dreams.
  • Before the fetus dies, doctors may notice that the size of the uterus is small compared to its normal position for the gestational age.

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Causes of a fetus dying in the womb during the first few months

  • The mother suffers from high blood pressure, preeclampsia or albumin in the urine, and gestational diabetes.
  • Suffering from severe blows such as falling from a height or a traffic accident.
  • Severe infections.
  • Having a high temperature (fever).
  • Due to a defect in the placenta, there is a shortage of water and food that passes through the placenta to the fetus.

The management of stillbirth in utero varies with the size and age of the fetus and includes:

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  1. Used as abortion pills, they cut the fetus into small pieces that go down the vagina with the blood outside the body.
  2. surgery; Clean the uterus to remove the fetus and its residual effects.
  3. Extinguishing a stillborn during the first few months of the womb does not require natural delivery methods such as artificial delivery; This is because the fetus is small and not fully developed.