What are the signs of pregnancy with a boy and how to determine the gender of the fetus

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What are the signs of pregnancy with a boy and how to determine the gender of the fetus?

What are the signs of pregnancy with a boy and how to determine the gender of the fetus

How do you know the gender of the fetus in the second month?

In fact, there are many myths claiming that signs and symptoms in a pregnant woman can determine the sex of the fetus early, but medical research has shown that many of them are false. Signs of pregnancy can be shown in detail by:

Fetal heart rate pregnancy 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the fetal heart begins to beat around the sixth week of pregnancy, and a normal fetal heart rate ranges from 140 to 170 beats per minute by the ninth week of pregnancy,

and in some legends the fetal heart rate. sex through. Contractions are actually the sex and heart rate of the fetus

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 because it is considered male when the fetal heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute and females are higher. The difference between a man and a woman at the beginning of pregnancy is not noticeable, 

but the heart rate is slightly higher in the beginning. The gestation period for both sexes decreases with the approach to childbirth. Therefore, the most important thing in this regard is the presence of a normal heart rate, pregnancy 

but it is linked to determining the sex of the fetus. This becomes more evident as the pregnancy progresses.

How does the fetus move in early May?

boost appetite

One study found that pregnant women burn more calories men than pregnant women, resulting in an extra 200 calories a day from protein, carbs,

 and fat. He thinks this is the reason. It is due to male secretions. fetal testosterone; This indicates that mothers eat more food, and the reason may be because most male children weigh more at birth than girls.

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

morning sickness

What are the signs of pregnancy with a boy and how to determine the gender of the fetus

Morning sickness is a normal symptom for a pregnant woman to feel, and while it is generally difficult and difficult during the first few weeks of pregnancy without morning sickness, 

there is also a myth that you have complete control over the absence of morning sickness. The gender of the fetus is male, so it is important to point out that many studies prove this myth to be false. 

The North American Gastroenterology Clinic published a study in 2011 showing that about 70-80% of pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, regardless of the gender of the fetus. pregnancy 

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Disgust with certain foods - pregnancy 

Food aversion is caused by the immune system of the mother and fetus acting as a line of defense, and some researchers believe that women who are pregnant with boys have more food aversions than women who are pregnant. 

For female fetuses, severe food allergies can be a way to keep some mothers away from certain substances that can affect them. Especially when the pregnancy of the male fetus is subject to various factors. 

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thirsty for a certain food

Most pregnant women go through a phase of food craving, or selective starvation. The myth that a woman's pregnancy causes a craving for sugar is a common belief as well as the myth that a man's pregnancy causes a craving for salty foods. 

However, in reality, these desires are primarily due to nutritional needs, and therefore cannot be used as indicators of the gender of the fetus. pregnancy 

belly shape

When does the gestational sac appear in the uterus?

Some believe that the shape of a pregnant woman's abdomen can give an idea of ​​the gender of the fetus. If the abdomen bulges to the bottom, 

it is said that the fetus is male, but the scientific evidence for that is not, and there is no connection. Among them, the real cause of flatulence is somehow related to the enlargement of the abdomen. 

The abdominal wall has not yet been stretched, so it appears that the abdominal wall rises slightly during the first pregnancy, and with each subsequent pregnancy, the wall expands more and more and the uterus appears distended. pregnancy 

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hair and skin - pregnancy 

Contrary to the belief that a woman’s pregnancy deprives her mother of beauty, improving the health and freshness of a pregnant woman’s skin and the shine of her hair is that she is pregnant with a man, and the fact that the morphological changes are linked to pregnancy hormones,

 and some pregnant women have reported an increase in hair density and skin brilliance, so the matter is different for women. During pregnancy, you may experience skin pigmentation and acne. 

If you have dry skin, you should know the importance of paying attention. Pregnant women need to increase their water intake by about 10 glasses per day. Also, note that some women experience a dry and itchy abdomen as a result of the stretching and stretching of the skin in this area. Always wet the area. 

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different mood

What are the signs of pregnancy with a boy and how to determine the gender of the fetus

According to the legends, being pregnant with a boy means that you do not suffer from mood swings unlike being pregnant with a girl, and in fact, there is a relationship between mood swings and the gender of the fetus, and even these irregularities are pregnancy. Because of the hormonal changes experienced by the mother. pregnancy 


For male pregnancies, excess weight during pregnancy is concentrated in the abdomen, and for female fetuses, some believe that it is distributed throughout the body. about the gender of the fetus.

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Always cold feet during pregnancy is an ancient belief about carrying a male fetus, and experts say that this belief can not be relied upon when determining the sex of the fetus, but during pregnancy, a woman can change automatically due to hormonal fluctuations. They complain of a high temperature during pregnancy and sometimes too cold.

Change in urine color

blood clots during pregnancy

Changing the color of urine during pregnancy is something any woman can do, but some people think that a darker appearance means a man is pregnant. pregnancy 

Eating certain foods or taking certain types of medications or supplements can cause urine to become darker. This is a sign of dehydration that can be caused by nausea and vomiting.

chest size

It is widely believed by many that a change in the size of the right breast, which is larger than the left breast, is a sign of pregnancy in a man, but there is no evidence yet. Breasts are a natural phenomenon that occurs during pregnancy for several reasons. pregnancy week by week

These include hormonal changes that increase blood flow, breast tissue changes to appear larger and breast enlargement in preparation for breastfeeding after childbirth. pregnancy 

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black lamb

Some believe that the black pregnancy line (the black line) following the chest means that the fetus is male, 

but this is a misunderstanding and cannot be used to determine the sex of the fetus. It appears on the skin of the abdomen due to pregnancy. 

In most pregnant women, hormonal changes that affect the areas involved in the production of pigment appear in the cells of the body from the center of the abdomen to the upper bikini line.

 The most important of these hormones is the hormone. This stimulates the melanocytes. You do not need to worry about these changes because these hormones also affect the areola of the nipple and darken in preparation for breastfeeding. signs of pregnancy

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The onset of gestational diabetes - pregnancy 

Gestational diabetes is a disease that affects pregnant women with high blood sugar levels, and it has been proven that the risk of gestational diabetes is higher in males than in females due to high metabolic changes in the body. 

Pregnancy and this information are supported by many studies, but the reasons for these differences are not yet fully understood. science of pregnancy

The scientific method for determining the sex of the fetus - pregnancy 

It should be noted that there are several scientific methods used to determine the sex of the fetus. This is it, a live pregnancy test

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  • Ultrasound: Specific signs appear on the ultrasound image to help determine whether the fetus is male or female. 
  • Ultrasound imaging is a defect that not only helps reveal the anatomy of the fetus but also affects the fetus and is usually performed during the last trimester of pregnancy. The accuracy of ultrasound reports depends on many factors, 
  • including the fetus itself, the age of the fetus, the devices used, and the person responsible. Engineer...
  • Blood test: A small amount of fetal DNA can be seen in the mother's blood. This helps determine the Y chromosome sequence of the fetus and the sex. 
  • It is done between the sixth and tenth weeks of pregnancy and this test is usually reserved for pregnant women. Over 35 years old requires genetic testing. pregnancy 
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  • Other tests: An invasive test can be done to clearly determine the sex of the fetus. This includes a chorionic villus sampling done at 11 weeks of pregnancy and an amniocentesis (amniocentesis) done at 15 weeks of pregnancy... 
  • In this regard, keep in mind that the above-mentioned blood tests can accurately predict the gender of the fetus. 
  • Somewhat faster than these tests. A disadvantage of these tests is a slight increase in the risk of miscarriage. 
  • Therefore, it is only used for older couples with a history of genetic diseases.
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