What are the best tips for pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months?

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Tips for pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months

What are the best tips for pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months

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General recommendations for pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months

Many tips are given to pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months, and the following is a summary of the most important of them:

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Regular prenatal exams

Pregnant women visit the doctor on average once a month in the second trimester. You can accompany any companion during this examination Pregnancy tips. These tests are usually quick but important. In the meantime, doctors take many steps, some of which are listed below Pregnancy tips. 

How do you know the gender of the fetus in the second month?

  • Pregnant weight. Pregnancy tips
  • Record abdominal measurements during pregnancy to ensure proper growth of the fetus.
  • Check your blood pressure readings. Pregnancy tips
  • In some cases, a urine sample is taken to measure the level of sugar or protein in the urine. The presence of any of these in the urine could mean that a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related high blood pressure. Pregnancy tips
  • Ensure that pregnant women have the necessary vaccinations. Pregnancy tips
  • hydrate your body Pregnancy tips
  • Pregnant women are more likely to become dehydrated, which can lead to general malaise, dizziness, and headaches. This may be due to increased physical exertion and increased water needs...

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Get enough rest

A pregnant woman gets tired more than usual and needs enough rest, and it is reported that with the increase in the size of the fetus, it becomes difficult for the pregnant woman to find a comfortable position for deep sleep Pregnancy tips, 

and sleep is noteworthy with one side a curved position and more comfortable for the comfort of the pregnant woman. Pregnancy tips

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 This is due to the role this pose plays in improving the function of the heart muscles and promoting blood flow by keeping the baby's weight away from the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the legs and feet. Pregnancy tips

 Many doctors also advise pregnant women to lie on the left side of the body, especially to help with blood flow. through the placenta. It is important to sleep on the left side to feed the fetus as needed and to keep the uterus away from the large blood vessels on the right side of the abdomen. Pregnancy tips

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

Avoid stress

Stress negatively affects the body's energy that a pregnant woman needs to take care of herself and her children. Stress can be reduced by following these tips: 

  • Manage, prioritize, and share daily tasks with others or postpone as needed Pregnancy tips.
  • With your doctor's approval, practice relaxation techniques such as slow breathing, meditation, and prenatal yoga to help relieve stress.
  • Share the feelings and fears of a pregnant woman and get support Pregnancy tips.

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Playing sports

Pregnant women are advised to do moderate strength exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling, and even strength exercises Pregnancy tips,

 but to ensure that the pregnant woman does not suffer from health problems, and after consulting a specialist, we will do it with a lightweight. 

This reduces insulin resistance that causes diabetes during pregnancy, plus exercise helps keep blood sugar levels within the normal range when a pregnant woman suffers from diabetes during pregnancy, as it is the best way to do this Pregnancy tips. 

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Women who do not exercise Pre-pregnancy exercises can begin slowly and slowly until they reach an average of 30 minutes of exercise per day on most days of the week Pregnancy tips. 

It is necessary to avoid overheating during exercise and to maintain proper condition. Drink water back and forth after doing this. Keep in mind that you should avoid strenuous exercises such as soccer and basketball, exercises that require you to lie on your back, and exercise that increases your risk of riding or injury. skiing Pregnancy tips.

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

Tips for feeding pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months

Lots of nutritional advice is given to pregnant women in the fourth and fifth months. This is explained below.

suitable product

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Many women gain weight late in pregnancy. This is because pregnant women do not suffer from morning sickness except for the disappearance of cramps and flatulence that lead to loss of appetite. Please note that during this period of pregnancy Pregnancy tips, 

a pregnant woman needs to add about 300 calories to her daily diet. However, it should be noted that these calories need to be obtained from healthy food sources. Here is a list of recommended foods for the fourth and fifth months of pregnancy. 

  • Food is rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, iron, and whole grains Pregnancy tips.
  • Food rich in protein and calcium to strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Foods rich in unsaturated fats, such as those found in healthy foods like avocados, avoid the unhealthy fats found in fast foods and fried foods Pregnancy tips.

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

Inappropriate product

Pregnant women should avoid certain foods that cause certain diseases, such as toxoplasmosis and listeriosis, which can cause birth defects, miscarriage, and risk to the fetus:

  • Unpasteurized dairy products such as different types of unpasteurized soft cheeses such as goat cheese, feta cheese, Camembert, and blue cheese.
  • All kinds of industrial juices including apple juice Pregnancy tips.
  • Raw eggs or foods that contain eggs (such as sweets and homemade ice cream).
  • Raw or undercooked fish, meat, or crustaceans Pregnancy tips.
  • Processed meats such as sausages and frozen meats should be thoroughly cooked before eating.

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  • In addition to tempeh, certain types of fish such as swordfish, sharks, tuna fillet, and mackerel. This is because it contains a large amount of mercury Pregnancy tips, 
  • which harms the brain of the fetus during its growth and development. Note that in the context of the discussion of Pregnancy tips, 
  • fish is an important part of a pregnant woman's diet. Rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, 
  • seafood can be added to the entire diet at a rate of two meals per week, and if a pregnant woman wants to eat canned tuna, the type of tuna Pregnancy tips. 
  • This is because canned light tuna comes from small tuna and can be eaten twice a week, while white tuna comes from large fish and can only be eaten once a week.

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Things to avoid in the fourth and fifth months

Pregnant women should avoid certain things in the fourth and fifth months. The following explanation for this is as follows:

Work environment notes: Certain tasks may increase the likelihood of complications during pregnancy, especially if pregnant women are more likely to give birth early. So mothers can discuss the nature of their work with the doctor and find necessary changes to work commitments, such as avoiding the following: 

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  • Stand for long time Pregnancy tips.
  • Noise and noise.
  • Always lift and move heavy objects and climb stairs.
  • Exposure to toxic substances Pregnancy tips.
  • Exposure to violent vibration. Like the vibrations of heavy machinery.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Alcohol consumption: includes all types of alcohol. 

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Caffeine: The amount of caffeine that a pregnant woman should consume should not exceed 200 milligrams per day and it is not recommended for slimming drinks and diets,

 but a pregnant woman should not take caffeine in addition to non-artificial sweetener drinks, and you can drink coffee or tea. Only water. It comes with a small amount of natural juice and Pregnancy tips. 

Whatever Doesn't Belong to Food: During pregnancy, some women may crave foreign substances like washing powder and mud. 

This means that pregnant women are not receiving enough nutrients. If this happens, the pregnant woman should consult a doctor. Create a comprehensive diet plan to replace the weight you lost

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