What are the best times for pregnancy + best advice for pregnant women?

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 What is the best time to get pregnant?

What is the best time to get pregnant

How do you know the gender of the fetus in the second month?

Best time to get pregnant

When you become pregnant, you have to pay attention to some important factors, such as the menstrual cycle and changes in a woman's body. Best times to get pregnant

This allows you to determine the days when a woman's fertility is high. Any ovulation day. This is the day in the middle of the menstrual cycle, usually 14 to 16 days in a 28-day cycle, 

when the ovaries produce mature eggs, which remain in the female's uterus, especially the fallopian tubes. A 12-24 hour tube can protect the sperm, Best times to get pregnant

How do I feel the movement of the fetus in the fourth month?

so the day of ovulation is the best day to increase the chances of conception and this is mandatory until the egg is fertilized and conception occurs. The day of ovulation and the marital relationship three days before it is carried out through different practices.

What is the best time to get pregnant

Determine the date of ovulation

Many indicators and methods help a woman determine the day of ovulation, and the following is a detailed description of each of them: 

  • Ovulation test: It is a home test that determines the duration of ovulation based on a high percentage of luteinizing hormone in the body Best times to get pregnant,
  •  or the so-called luteinizing hormone, which begins to rise 24-36 hours before ovulation begins. Ovulation occurs. It reaches its highest level on the day of ovulation and this increase occurs in urine.
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  • Changes related to ovulation and monitoring symptoms: Many changes can be observed during ovulation, due to changes in the proportion of hormones in the body, including:
  • changes in cervical secretions; As the amount of secretions increase and their density decreases.
  • elevated basal body temperature; If a woman notices a slight increase in basal body temperature during ovulation, it is measured in the morning before waking up. 
What is the best time to get pregnant

  • Monitor the temperature for several months to find out the change in temperature and the cause of the increase. A higher body temperature is associated with higher levels of progesterone after ovulation Best times to get pregnant.
  • feeling pain in the lower abdomen; Some women may experience severe pain in the lower abdomen associated with the moment of ovulation. Best times to get pregnant

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

age and fertility

Age has a strong effect on fertility, whether female or male, the chances of conceiving decrease with age, but the effect on men is small, and the effect of age on childbirth is explained as follows. 

A woman's age and fertility

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  • A woman's fertility is highly dependent on age, as the chances of getting pregnant in her twenties are higher than in other life stages, which have a pregnancy rate of 25-30% per month Best times to get pregnant. 
  • This percentage decreases as women age. Happen or occur. At age 30, the monthly pregnancy rate drops to 5% by age 40. Best times to get pregnant
What is the best time to get pregnant

  •  This is because women begin their lives with a certain number of eggs in their ovaries. This is estimated to be around 1-2. There are millions of eggs, 
  • which drops to 300,000 to 500,000 during puberty, but the actual number of eggs that mature and come out of the ovaries is about 300. 
  • Miscarriage rates after age 20 are around 10% and reach 53% by age 45. Additionally, The frequency of infection in pregnant women increases with some complications with age. 
  • These issues include high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and the need to rely on cesarean section.

When does the gestational sac appear in the uterus?

Male age and fertility

Some studies have shown that the age of males affects fertility and the health of the fetus, as male fertility begins to decline at the age of 40-45, 

and therefore females are less likely to become pregnant. In addition, children are at increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia, which affects the increased frequency of miscarriages and the increased likelihood of psychiatric infection in newbornsBest times to get pregnant

What is premature giving birth

Problems preventing pregnancy

What is the best time to get pregnant

There are many problems and obstacles that a woman may face that affect her chances of conceiving and her infertility, and in some cases can cause infertility. Among these topics are the following:

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  • Ovulation problems: Some disorders can cause ovulation problems, such as irregular or lack of ovulation. These health issues are:
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome Best times to get pregnant.
  • Hypothalamus weakness.
  • Primary ovarian insufficiency Best times to get pregnant.
  • Hyperprolactinemia.
What is infertility and how is it treated?
  • Fallopian tube problems: These are health problems that can block or damage the fallopian tubes, making it difficult for sperm to reach a fertilized egg or preventing 
What is the best time to get pregnant

  • a fertilized egg from reaching the uterus. Best times to get pregnant
  • Endometriosis, also known as endometriosis, is an abnormal growth of uterine tissue in other parts 
  • of the body that requires surgery that can later affect pregnancy Best times to get pregnant.
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