What are the benefits of potatoes for pregnant women and what are the best ways to cook them?

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 Potato benefits for pregnant women

What are the benefits of potatoes for pregnant women and what are the best ways to cook them

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It is recommended to increase the intake of various nutrients by pregnant women during pregnancy and before and after pregnancy. pregnant 

This is because it is important for the health of mother and child, including potassium-rich sources such as potatoes. Vitamin A plays an important role in the differentiation, growth, and health of fetal cells. In general, pregnant women, pregnant 

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especially those with gestational diabetes, are advised to eat moderate amounts of foods rich in starch. Since vegetables such as white potatoes are foods rich in carbohydrates, in 2016 the BMJ reported an observation of a large group of women who had never before consumed gestational diabetes who ate large amounts of potatoes. pregnant 

 Blood sugar levels rose, as shown in observational studies. . Pre-pregnancy doses are associated with an increased risk, and conversely, eating whole grains, potatoes, and other vegetables reduces the risk. pregnant 

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What are the benefits of potatoes for pregnant women and what are the best ways to cook them

  • Potato side effects for pregnant women
  • The degree of safety for pregnant women to eat potatoes
  • Ripe, uncontaminated foods are believed to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women in terms of the amount present in the food, but they are safe when eaten in large quantities and for infants and fetuses, and there is not enough research to show their effect. pregnant 

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Precautions for eating French fries for pregnant women

There is not enough information about the effect of eating French fries on pregnant women and their fetuses. In general, it is advised to reduce consumption in various forms, such as French fries and French fries soaked in oil. 

At least twice a week to avoid increased risks of maternal mortality and lower IQ in children. The observational studies were generally conducted on 4,440 people, pregnant including 2,551 women, and continued for 8 years without comparing their effect on pregnant women with that of other women, with the findings of the American Journal in 2017. pregnant 

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It was published in Clinical Diet. Eating french fries more frequently than two to three times a week increases the risk of mortality higher than eating them less than once a month. The starch directs them to produce acrylamide. It is toxic and can be carcinogenic. pregnant 

Precautions when eating sprouted potatoes for pregnant women

Some people believe that sprouted potatoes begin to sprout after long-term storage and that it is safe to remove these sprouts, but if they are eaten by pregnant women, for example, some studies have reported... pregnant 

A preliminary study published in Nutrition Journal in 2018 found Eating them may increase the risk of congenital malformations in the fetus. For example, it is recommended to avoid use during pregnancy, such as neural tube defects and cleft lip. pregnant 

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Sprouting potatoes are found naturally in some vegetables and have increased content of glycoalkaloids which are associated with some benefits, pregnant 

 but their high levels include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, low blood levels, etc. Please note that they cause some symptoms. Increased pressure levels, heart rate, fever, headache, confusion, and possibly increased risk of death. pregnant 

What are the benefits of potatoes for pregnant women and what are the best ways to cook them

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Potato overview

Potatoes contain many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to human health and are a rich source of many compounds such as carotenoids, phenolic acids, 

and flavonoids. Keep in mind that the type of potato and how it's prepared can affect the content of these nutrients. 

Potatoes are also naturally gluten-free, making them suitable for people with celiac disease, wheat sensitivity, or non-celiac gluten intolerance. pregnant 

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