Vitamin D deficiency treatment for pregnant women

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 Vitamin D deficiency

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Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that the human body needs. It is found in many natural sources, especially animal sources such as milk, dairy products, and fish, because the body needs it to absorb calcium and maintain good health. In general, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency and this is due to the reason - diversity, because its percentage in the blood is less than normal, and this deficiency can lead to many diseases, such as osteoporosis and deformities.

The importance of vitamin D for pregnant women

How do I take care of my baby in the first month?

A pregnant woman seeks to take care of her health and monitor it permanently; This is because any harm to her body can harm the fetus, and some women may develop vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, which may harm them. The body and the fetus have serious complications in the body because vitamin D is responsible for absorbing calcium and phosphorous from the intestine. Therefore, it plays an important role in preventing osteoporosis, and it also plays an important role in the development of the fetus’s bones, especially in the last three months of pregnancy.

A deficiency of this vitamin during pregnancy can affect the healthy future of the baby; It increases the risk of developing immunodeficiency diseases in the future, as well as decreased growth later in childhood.

How do I prepare for cesarean delivery?

Vitamin D deficiency treatment for pregnant women

To avoid serious complications of vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, a pregnant woman should consult a doctor to obtain the necessary doses of vitamin D through nutritional supplements, which are determined after conducting a series of tests and analyses recommended by the doctor, and these doses must be taken as directed by the doctor To increase the concentration of the vitamin in the body and fix it, women should follow a diet rich in this vitamin, and animal food sources are rich in vitamins, such as fish, dairy products, eggs, shellfish, caviar, and milk. Many others.

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The main source of vitamins is sunlight. At certain times of the day, adequate exposure to the sun provides the body with what it needs, which is why we find that many people who live in cold areas or work indoors for long periods suffer from severe vitamin D deficiency during the day. It is chronic, which is why it is recommended that the doctor expose himself to the sun constantly between ten in the morning and three in the evening.

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