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The stages of fetal development from the first month to birth

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 fetal development stages

The stages of fetal development from the first month to birth


It is an organism that arises in the uterus by fertilization of an egg by a sperm, and after fertilization, a cell called the zygote is formed, and this cell has diploid DNA, 

so this cell is diploid. A cell begins to grow through cell division, when a fertilized egg divides at least once, organisms begin to form.

Stages of fetal development in the womb

The fetus grows in the mother's womb through several stages during which it grows in weight,

 length, and composition of body tissues until it becomes a fully developed person and emerges from the mother's womb. These stages vary from month to month. month are as follows:

The stages of fetal development from the first month to birth

  • The first month: The fetus is an embryo, not an organ, but consists of small buds that develop later, i.e. hands and feet.
  • The second month: All the major organs of the baby are formed, the external organs begin to appear, such as the fingers, ears, and eyelids, and the placenta appears well, and provides the baby with the necessary food and blood. The length of the fetus is about 2.5 cm in length and weighs less than 10 grams.
  • In the third month: buds grow in the mouth, which later turns into teeth, buds grow on the fingers, and later turn into nails, fine hairs begin to appear on the skin, and the child’s organs mature, weighing about 28 grams, the length between 5 and 7 poison.
  • In the fourth month: the skin turns pink, the fetus begins to move, kicking and swallowing water in the mother's tummy, and the average height increases by 15-17 cm, and weight 115-140 grams.
  • In the fifth month: the movement of the fetus is more active, as it turns in the womb from one side to the other, fingerprints appear on the fingers, and sleep is regulated.
  • Sixth month: The density of hair increases on the skin of the fetus, the skin becomes reddish in color, the eyelids open, the eyes open slightly, the size increases from 680 grams to 900 grams, and the length is about 30 cm.
  • July: The fetus has some new movements, such as sucking fingers, opening the eyes, tightening the muscles, kicking, and partial rotation, in response to external stimuli such as sound and light.
The stages of fetal development from the first month to birth

  • Eighth month: Bigger brain, bigger body, more difficult movement in the womb, more painful kicks, sometimes an organ shape on the mother. When the fetus hits the mother's abdomen hard, such as the elbows, knees, or feet, and the nail growth is complete, the fetus is not ready to be born yet; Because the bones of his head were still soft and tender, his lungs were immature, his weight was about 800 kilograms, and his average height was between 45 and 48 centimeters.
  • The ninth month: The child’s growth is completed and ready for birth, his position changes in the mother’s womb, his head drops in preparation, and his weight increases at a rate of two hundred grams per week, bringing his weight to an average. 2.5kg to 4kg, the length ranges from 48cm to 53g.