The size of the fetus in the third month

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 The size of the fetus in the third month

The size of the fetus in the third month

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Pregnancy is the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth weeks, During these weeks, the size of the fetus is as follows:

Thirteenth week

The fetus at the thirteenth week of pregnancy weighs 23 grams and is about 7.4 cm in length. The head accounts for one-third of the length of the body. 

swallowing the surrounding amniotic fluid; Contains components that contain additional components to water; Such as carbohydrates, protein, protein, glucose, 

electrolytes, and any fluids that are converted to other fluids, and this is carried over to the amniotic fluid, 

and in the case of the development of the male fetus, the testicles are completed in the case of females, they are combined in the case of females, and eyelids to protect the eye during eye development. 

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Fourteenth week

the size of the rest. The finer hairs start that accentuate the tiny bumps. It is believed to help regulate body temperature, week, week baby moves arms and legs, rubs and poses holds a face,  looks and increases red blood cells per week, and last, in fact, sex begins in the week or in the next few weeks.

The size of the fetus in the third month

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Fifteenth week

In the fifteenth week, the fifteenth week, the fetus is about 70 grams and about 10.1 cm in length, and this week is used in the fifth circumference, 

and energy is used on this circumference. The child's bones become stronger, the muscle tissue continues to grow and develop, and it continues to grow, 

the legs and eyes become more sensitive to light when closed, the child's ability to hear develops, and his ears are in place, on their head they are lowered into the water and the hair continues to grow.

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Sixteenth week

Sixteenth week, the length of the fetus is 11.6 cm and weighs about 100 grams, the sixteenth week, and appears stronger, the head and body are straighter, small hands, start to grow, and hair follicles begin to form on the head. 

Among those under his tender nose, the upper lip of the child forms a cupid's bow, the blood circulation begins to work well, his heart pumps about 28 liters of blood throughout each day, the child rotates his eyes, and his ears are about to reach their final positions.

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In the third month of pregnancy

As for what's going on in your body, your uterus will keep going until it doubles in size, and you will feel a tingling every now and then as your uterus expands. 

If you find yourself forced to the highest score indicating constant pressure on the bladder, symptoms of nausea, dizziness and fatigue may be with you all. The location where it is located Your breasts are subject to constant biological and hormonal changes.

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The first role is the leadership role on the fifth floor. Drink more fluids and water, which means you'll go to the bathroom.