The shape of the fetus in the ninth month of pregnancy

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 The shape of the fetus in the ninth month of pregnancy

The shape of the fetus in the ninth month of pregnancy

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The ninth month of pregnancy

The ninth month of pregnancy, from week seven to week 340, is one of the most important months for a pregnant woman.  Pregnancy symptoms

Her emotions were mixed with fear of her due date and the pain she would face, as well as the longing to hug her unborn baby. This month's fetus and its size, this is what we will discuss in this article. pregnancy

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The shape of the fetus in the ninth month

  • The size of the fetus increases with the appearance of the ninth hair, as it is about 50 cm long and weighs about two kilograms. Pregnancy symptoms
  • the skin of the fetus is smooth; Due to the accumulation of fatty tissue under the surface of the skin.
  • the fetus is in a position to be ready for birth; So his head is facing down toward the cervix and his feet up toward the mother's chest. Pregnancy symptoms
  • The bones of the skull are soft and supple. Pregnancy symptoms
  • Fetal movement increases this month. pregnancy

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The shape of the fetus in the ninth month of pregnancy

  1. insomnia when pregnant; Because of the pressure of the fetus and its increase in size.
  2. the gum appears; It is the precursor of breast milk. Pregnancy symptoms
  3. Pregnant women suffer from constipation, acidity, and headache.
  4. Swellings appear in the areas of the feet and face. pregnancy
  5. The problem of hemorrhoids and varicose veins appears.
  6. Vaginal discharge increases turn white and contain more mucus than before.
  7. A pregnant woman has difficulty breathing. Pregnancy symptoms
  8. The frequency of urination increases. pregnancy

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Tips for pregnant in the ninth month

maintain a comprehensive and balanced diet and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits; because they contain vitamins and dietary fibers that promote digestion; 

  • Such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, etc. pregnancy
  • Take care of the mental state of the expectant mother, avoid anxiety, agitation, and tension, keep her away from disturbing thoughts about childbirth, and cultivate positive feelings for her. Pregnancy symptoms
  • Drink about four cups of milk or yogurt daily. pregnancy
  • Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, spices, and onions because they hurt the nerves.
  • walk daily; Facilitate labor and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Avoid fast food and soft drinks that are high in harmful fats.
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  • Avoid tight clothing, compression belts, and high heels, as they may affect the health of the mother and fetus. Pregnancy symptoms
  • Avoid any strenuous physical exertion, weight lifting, and strenuous exercises that may lead to negative results. pregnancy
  • To ensure adequate sleep, it is recommended to sleep nine hours a day to avoid staying up late; So that the pregnant woman does not get tired. Pregnancy symptoms
  • Do not take sedative medications without your doctor's advice as they may cause birth defects in the fetus. pregnancy
  • Beware of smoking and drinking alcohol.
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