The high temperature of a pregnant woman in the ninth month

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The high temperature of a pregnant woman in the ninth month

The high temperature of a pregnant woman in the ninth month

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A high temperature in pregnant women in the ninth month can be defined as an increase in body temperature measured in the mouth of more than 38.3 ° C, and in fact, maternal fever is a common occurrence during pregnancy,  a slight increase in body temperature is not required to be concerned, especially if it does not last long, but in some cases, it can affect the health and development of the fetus. especially

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A pregnant woman should pay attention to the symptoms of high fever and how to inform the doctor, including: 

  • Backache.
  • breathing difficulties.
  • goosebumps.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Neck stiffness.

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the reasons

Body temperature may rise during pregnancy for several reasons, including: 

  • Cold or cold: Many changes occur in the immune system during pregnancy to protect the fetus, so pregnant women tend to be more susceptible to colds and various viral infections.
  • Influenza: As mentioned earlier, changes in the immune system during pregnancy are one of the reasons for an increased risk of influenza, and a pregnant woman may experience chills, as well as various sensations of pain, in addition to a high body temperature. the body.
  • Bacterial infections: Some types of bacterial infections such as strep throat, urinary tract infection, or, kidney infection in a pregnant woman may cause a high body temperature, and it is important to see a doctor for appropriate antibiotics.
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  • Listeriosis: Pregnant women are more likely to get listeriosis, which is caused by a listeriosis infection found in certain foods, so pregnant women should follow some important tips and instructions to avoid infection; Such as being careful to avoid eating raw meat and fish, and not pasteurized. cheese.
  • Covid-19: (COVID-19), which occurs due to infection with the emerging coronavirus, infection with high body temperature, in addition to a group of possible symptoms, and complications of this disease in pregnant women, and increases the risk of disease. . Here, it is important to see a doctor immediately if you have an infection. Suspected infection with the emerging coronavirus during pregnancy.

The high temperature of a pregnant woman in the ninth month


If the doctor or midwife is not sure why a pregnant woman's temperature is high, the doctor will perform several medical tests, such as blood tests and urine samples, to find out the underlying cause of the pregnant woman's high temperature. You have a high body temperature and the necessary medical care is provided to both the mother and the fetus. 


Over-the-counter medicines

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Acetaminophen is considered one of the safest medicines to use during pregnancy due to a slightly elevated body temperature, but a pregnant woman should follow the doctor's instructions or the instructions that come with the medicine package about how and how much to use, and how to prevent it. Complications During pregnancy, the drug should be taken in effective doses in the short and minimum term. 

It is worth noting that there are some painkillers that pregnant women should avoid, which we mentioned:

  • Codeine capsules or tablets.
  • Capsules or tablets that contain extra caffeine.
  • Anti-inflammatory capsules or tablets, such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

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Doctors may prescribe antibiotics to a pregnant woman in case of a bacterial infection that causes a rise in body temperature because doctors generally agree that most antibiotics are safe during pregnancy. However, antibiotics or other medications are not dispensed during pregnancy without an initial consultation. Doctor.


Doctors may prescribe antiviral medications to treat influenza during pregnancy. These medications work best when started within 48 hours of symptoms appearing, so pregnant women should seek medical attention as soon as possible if they develop symptoms of a flu infection, such as a high temperature.

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Tips and Advice

Here are some tips for treating high temperatures during pregnancy:

  • Shower or wash the body with lukewarm water.
  • Use blankets or light clothing.
  • Drink enough water or other cold drinks to avoid dehydration. 
  • Run the fan on the lowest setting, without pointing it at the body, but allow it to move the surrounding air. 
  • Stay in a cool place indoors. 

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Is the high temperature during nine months harmful to the fetus?

  • In general, a slight increase in temperature of up to 37.7 °C will not cause any complications or adversely affect the fetus, however,  pregnant pregnant women should contact their doctor immediately or have an examination, or seek emergency medical care for the following:

  • The obvious rise in body temperature: Be sure to follow the doctor's instructions to reduce and control the body temperature quickly, because a large increase in body temperature may lead to health risks. It has nothing to do with high temperatures, but rather an underlying health problem, such as infection, that leads to an elevated body temperature. 
  • High body temperature when water flows from the head: In this case, the pregnant woman must immediately call emergency calls to take appropriate measures, as high temperature during childbirth may lead to complications related to the health of the child. 

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Article Summary

A slight rise in body temperature in the ninth month of pregnancy does not pose a significant risk to the health of the mother and fetus, but if the temperature is high, it may affect the fetus, and in this case, the fastest way to bring down the body temperature to follow the temperature, or if it is accompanied by a decrease in Water in the head, high body temperature may be associated with some. Pregnant women with high temperature and other symptoms should consult a doctor for the necessary treatment; For example, back or abdominal pain, chills, stiff neck, shortness of breath, or other symptoms that may indicate symptoms of a serious condition.

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