The effect of color radiation on pregnancy

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The effect of color radiation on pregnancy

The effect of color radiation on pregnancy

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colored rays

A dye beam is a type of radiography. It is used to determine the causes of infertility and delayed pregnancy in women when pregnancy is late. 

  • This type of X-ray is used to determine the completeness of the uterus, lack of tumors, defects, and adhesions, 
  • and it can accurately determine the location of the uterus in case of blockage of blood vessels, especially the fallopian tubes. Do it. 
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  • Barriers are known and effectively treated. In some cases, this blockage can be treated with this type of radiation. X-rays of the uterus and tubes are done in a special X-ray room. Preparation is done for this purpose, 
  • and the appointment is usually after the woman's menstrual cycle ends, about 5 days after ejaculation, and after her menstruation has ended. 
  • On this date, the uterus is still open. The woman is confident that pregnancy will not occur during this period and she should refrain from intercourse after menstruation until the dye is released.

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Where do doctors inject the dye?

The doctor injects the dye into the uterus through a needle designed for this purpose or through a catheter inserted through the vagina. 

  • Women may feel pain when the dyes are injected, which is mild pain that can be tolerated, but painkillers can be taken. 
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  • The day before the x-ray. Women take antibiotics as prescribed by their doctor. Waiting for an infection in the uterus as a result of the injection. 
  • After the dye is injected into the uterus, a film is made of the pelvis and uterus. Multiple dye tubes may be inserted as needed, 
  • as in the case of obstruction. The excess dye opens this blockage in the tube. There are no serious complications of x-ray staining, 
  • but women may feel cramps. These symptoms do not last long. Similar to regular, non-fearing blood drops, they expire on the same day or even two days.

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What happens after the dye beam?

After dyeing the x-rays, the attending physician can know the exact condition of the woman's uterus. Therefore,

 explain the appropriate treatment at the beginning of pregnancy, God forbid, and there is a deformity that confirms the presence of fibers, protrusions, or polyps in the uterus. In cases that can be identified by x-rays, you can find out whether the uterus is backward (inverted) or inside the uterus, such as the uterus or the uterus.

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