The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

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twin pregnancy

The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

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The rate of twin pregnancy has increased in recent years than it was in the past as a result of several different factors such as delayed marriage, and an increase in the percentage of resorting to various methods of infertility treatment. twin pregnancy

The cases of twins can be divided into two main parts, namely; Identical twins and Fraternal twins, where identical twins are conceived by dividing the fertilized egg into two completely identical parts, which leads to the development of two embryos carrying the same genes, 

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and the two embryos, in this case, have the genetic characteristics of The same, and they are of the same sex. As for pregnancy with asymmetric twins, it occurs as a result of the production of two eggs by the woman and they are fertilized separately twin pregnancy, 

The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

and each fetus has different characteristics from the other fetus in this case, and it should be noted that the doctor can detect a twin pregnancy by using a technique of Ultrasound imaging during the period between 8-14 weeks of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy with twins naturally

It should be noted that there is no definite method that can be followed to conceive twins, but there are several factors that may increase the chance of conceiving twins, including the following:

  • Family history: The chance of conceiving twins increases if there is a previous history of twin pregnancy in the family, especially if there are asymmetric twin pregnancies, and the chances of conceiving twins also increase if the mother has a twin pregnancy.
  • Age: The chance of conceiving twins increases when the mother exceeds the age of thirty due to the increased production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn leads to stimulating the production of more eggs in the woman in the process of ovulation of twin pregnancy.
  • Number of Pregnancies: The chance of conceiving twins increases with the increase in the number of previous pregnancies.
The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

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  • Race: Several studies have shown that race has an impact on the likelihood of conceiving twins, as African-American women, as well as whites, have a higher chance of conceiving twins than women of other races twin pregnancy.
  • Food supplements: Although some people believe that taking nutritional supplements that contain folic acid increases the chance of conceiving twins, 
  • studies that prove the validity of these claims are limited and need more investigations and research to confirm them.
  • The physical structure of women: several studies have shown that a woman whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds 30 has an increased chance of conceiving twins; As the increase in body fat percentage stimulates the production of greater amounts of estrogen, 
  • which in turn may lead to greater stimulation of ovulation, and thus the production of more than one egg some other studies twin pregnancy
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  • have shown that the chance of conceiving twins increases in women who are taller than average. normal length 
  • Breastfeeding: Although full breastfeeding of the fetus prevents pregnancy from occurring naturally, pregnancy in some cases occurs during this stage, and the chance of conceiving twins during this stage is a high twin pregnancy.

The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

Artificial twin pregnancy

It should be noted that there are several methods used in the treatment of infertility that increase the chance of conceiving twins as well, and among these methods are the following: 

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  • In vitro fertilization: the rate of twin pregnancy increases significantly in women who undergo in vitro fertilization twin pregnancy, 
  • which is one of the methods used in the treatment of infertility, where several eggs are extracted from the woman,
  • and fertilized with sperm inside the laboratory until the fetus begins to grow Then, the doctor re-implants the fertilized egg inside the uterus, twin pregnancy
  • and to increase the success rate of the process, the doctor implants more than one fertilized egg in the same process, and this, in turn, increases the chance of a twin pregnancy.
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  • Fertility drugs: where the principle of action of fertility drugs stimulates the production of eggs in a woman, and this, in turn, 
  • increases the chance of more than one egg being released and fertilized by a man’s sperm, and this may lead to pregnancy with twins or more,
The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

  •  and these drugs include Clomiphene, and drugs belonging to the family of gonadotropins, and these drugs require a prescription and health monitoring when used, 
  • although these drugs are generally considered safe and effective, they may be accompanied by some side effects in some cases twin pregnancy.

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The risks of conceiving twins

The risk of developing some health complications may increase in the event of a pregnancy with twins, including the following: 

  • High blood pressure: Women who are pregnant with more than one child are more likely to have high blood pressure during pregnancy twin pregnancy, 
  • so it is worth doing periodic tests at the doctor for the early detection of high blood pressure in a pregnant woman with a twin pregnancy.
  • Premature birth: The risk of premature birth increases with the increase in the number of fetuses in the womb of the expectant mother. twin pregnancy
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  • Based on the statistics, it was found that the rate of premature birth - that is, before the completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy - rises by more than 50% in cases of twin pregnancies, 
  • and the doctor may give the mother Steroid injections if one of the signs of the possibility of premature birth appears because these drugs accelerate the growth and development of the lungs of the fetus, 
  • and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible in the event of signs of premature birth.
The best ways to get pregnant with twins and ways to avoid mistakes

  • Pre-eclampsia: or what is known as pre-eclampsia, it is a serious health complication that is associated with severe high blood pressure during pregnancy and that requires direct medical intervention,
  •  and this case can be detected by the doctor measuring blood pressure In a pregnant woman, a urine analysis may be performed, 
  • and this condition may be accompanied by the appearance of some symptoms, such as severe headache, twin pregnancy
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  • vomiting, swelling or sudden swelling of the hands, feet, or face, and suffering from some vision disorders.
  • Gestational diabetes: The risk of gestational diabetes increases when pregnant with twins, and this condition is represented by high blood sugar in a pregnant woman, 
  • which may lead to some health complications for the mother and fetus, and several treatment methods can be followed to control this situation. twin pregnancy

  • Cesarean section: Despite the possibility of natural birth when pregnant with twins if the head of the first child was facing down at birth, 
  • the possibility of resorting to a cesarean section is generally high when pregnant with twins, and it is worth noting that in some cases the first fetus may be born Natural birth and the other fetus by cesarean section in the event of some health complications. twin pregnancy
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