Stages of fetal development in the fourth month of pregnancy

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 The fetus in the fourth month

Stages of fetal development in the fourth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy in the fourth month

The fourth trimester of pregnancy is described as a month of rest and stability for the mother; This is because of all the annoying symptoms she experienced in the first trimester - nausea, pregnancy

dizziness, constipation, headache - start to fade and start to get more. Below for miscarriage, here is a complete detailed description of the stages of fetal development in the fourth month of pregnancy. pregnancy

Fetal development in the fourth month

Thirteenth week

The fourth month of pregnancy begins with the mother entering the thirteenth week, and during this week the internal and external organs of the fetus are fully formed, pregnancy

in addition to the formation of muscles and nerves, the ears become more prominent and the eyes become flatter.  pregnancy

pure, although the eyelids are adjacent; This is eye protection and one of the most important changes is what will happen to the fetus this month. 

The bones of the skull, hands, and legs begin to form, and some fine ribs can also be observed, and the fetus will begin to move and put its fingers in the mouth.

Fourteenth week

During this week, the fetus's genitals begin to develop and the prostate begins to form in male fetuses. The roof of the throat and mouth are fully formed.

Stages of fetal development in the fourth month of pregnancy

Fifteenth week

Small fine hairs begin to grow on the head of the fetus and the eyebrow area and are colored according to the pigment secreted by the hair follicles, pregnancy

is determined by genetics. Skeletal muscle and bone growth continue, as the fetus can move and hold its fingers. pregnancy

Sixteenth week

The movements of the fetus this week are more coordinated and harmonious, and because of the interconnection between the bones and nerves, and the facial muscles grow better, pregnancy

the fetus at this stage can express some expressions that are not related to the mental state or emotion, such as sewing the forehead, raising the eyes, smiling, etc. pregnancy