Stages of development of twins in the mother womb

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 Stages of development of twins in the mother's womb

Stages of development of twins in the mother's womb

How do you know the gender of the fetus in the second month?

twin pregnancy

The growth of twins in the mother's womb mimics the growth and development of single fetuses. Pregnant women who are carrying twins may experience pregnancy complications, 

which they feel earlier than a normal pregnancy. Pregnancy with twins can occur if two eggs are fertilized together, or if there is only one egg that divides automatically, 

and here the same differences between identical and non-identical twins appeared through in the first few weeks of pregnancy, even if she suffers from strong pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and extreme fatigue Weakness, only through ultrasound, a pregnant woman will not find out that she will have two children.

How do I feel the movement of the fetus in the fourth month?

Twin growth stages by weeks

Stages of development of twins in the mother's womb

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

Forty weeks of pregnancy equals two hundred and eighty days. Since the eggs have not yet been fertilized, here are the stages of development of twins from week 4 to week 40.

  • Week 4 - Week 8: Baby embryos start to develop, about 1 inch long and weighing less than an ounce. Sonar devise.
  • Weeks 9-12: The fetus grows at a noticeable rate during this period, and its length and weight are four times the first weeks of pregnancy, and during this period, teeth begin to form in addition to nails, toes, and hands. The genitals and eyelids.
  • Weeks 13-16: During pregnancy, the fetus is still growing rapidly and can weigh up to six inches. The kidneys and bladder begin to function during this period, and fluid in the abdomen can be monitored by ultrasound machines; When the fetus reaches the surrounding fluid, 
  • they pass during urination, the fetus begins to move, and most of the time the mother does not feel it, and the change that occurs in the mother during this period is the appearance of the abdomen because the pelvis expands faster than the pregnant fetus.
How does the fetus move in early May?
  • Weeks 17-20: The length of the fetus is about eight inches at the end of the twentieth week and all its organs can be distinguished, as the fetus begins to hear for the first time, and many believe that at this stage the fetus can feel it. A twin brother, the gender of the fetus is also revealed at this stage.
  • Twenty-four weeks: The weight of the fetus increases, the whole body is covered with fine hair, and the skin is protected by a layer of fat. At this stage, taste buds begin to form, the lungs continue to grow and develop, the face features intact, and the brain continues to grow rapidly.
  • Weeks 25-28: If you were born prematurely during this period, there is a high chance that the fetus will survive.
  • Weeks 19 to 32: The fetuses continue to grow significantly and gain more fat during this stage, and the bones are healthy because the fat helps them regulate body temperature after birth.
  • Thirty-three to forty weeks: During this period the fetus is ready to be born, the gestation period of twins extends to thirty-eight weeks, and the mother rarely completes the forty weeks.
Fetal development stages in detail