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Reasons for the weak heartbeat of the fetus in the third month

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Reasons for the weak heartbeat of the fetus in the third month

Reasons for the weak heartbeat of the fetus in the third month

Pregnancy requires a lot of care and attention to maintain the health of the mother and the health of the fetus; 

  • The mother should consult a specialist to ensure the safety of normal and healthy fetal development; In the first trimester, all parts of the fetus are growing. 
  • The first few months are among the most dangerous for the fetus, and the mother's misbehavior may have caused him a lot of damage. 

He may suffer from genetic defects and birth defects. The weight of the fetus is one of the important matters that the mother must take into account and take care of at every stage of pregnancy; 

  • Its normal weight indicates the health of the fetus and the mother, 
  • and it is the normal weight of the fetus. Fetal weight between 3 and 4 kg At birth, an increase or decrease in the weight of the fetus can negatively affect both the mother and the fetus. 
  • The weight of the fetus increases through the mother’s food, and this food reaches it through the blood and the umbilical cord, 
  • and the mother must take into account the consumption of useful and good-quality foods, especially water and fluids in general, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, 
  • and vitamins. And when the presence of these elements in the mother’s body decreases, it decreases for the fetus, which may cause him a lot of problems. 
  • The causes of fetal weight gain in the mother’s womb may vary, they may be organic or inorganic about the mother’s health, 

as follows Organic is the disease of diabetes that accompanies the mother throughout her life. Gestational diabetes may only affect women during pregnancy. non-organic reasons;

  •  family inheritance; Either the father or the mother may have a larger physique in terms of height or width, which can pass on these genetic traits to the fetus. 
  • Significant increase in mother's weight and excessive eating during pregnancy, especially fatty foods that contain a lot of calories. Pregnancy is more than nine months, 
  • and fetuses that spend more time in the womb are gaining more weight. Weight gain Craving for harm Excess weight of the fetus is unhealthy in many cases and can lead to Increased chances of delivery in this cesarean section In pelvic stenosis, 
  • the weight of the fetus has increased in the past few months, and the possibility of cesarean delivery has increased because natural childbirth is difficult. 
  • Increased chance of developing jaundice or jaundice after the birth of the baby. Exposing the mother to the following problems tearing or bleeding in the birth area.