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Pregnancy after cesarean delivery

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 Pregnancy after cesarean delivery

Cesarean delivery

A cesarean delivery can be defined as a surgical procedure to remove the fetus from the mother's womb through a small opening in the abdomen and uterus.

Reasons for cesarean delivery

  • When the mother's pelvis is narrow, the baby cannot have a normal delivery.
  • Problems with an abnormally shaped uterus where childbirth is not helpful.
  • Pre-eclampsia leads to women being born by cesarean section.
  • When the fetus is not in a position to remove it from its head, turn it upside down with the feet down.
  • In the case of a large fetus, it may not be possible to remove it from the pelvis.
  • When the delivery is under the fetus, a cesarean section must be performed to remove it.
  • If the fetus is pressed against the umbilical cord or wrapped around the neck, emergency surgical intervention is required to save the fetus from danger.
  • If there is no stopping it, a cesarean section can be performed at the mother's request.

Pregnancy after cesarean delivery

The right time to get pregnant after a cesarean section

A woman can get pregnant again after cesarean delivery, but after some time; This is to protect the mother's health, if you want a natural birth after a cesarean, you have to wait a year or more for pregnancy, and for another cesarean, you have to wait six months to get pregnant again.

Natural childbirth after cesarean delivery

A cesarean section is usually followed by another cesarean section; But natural delivery after cesarean section is possible, as long as the situation is appropriate, with step-by-step follow-up in the hospital, from birth to safe discharge of the child; Because if there is any risk to the mother or fetus, or unsuccessful natural delivery, the doctor is ready to deliver by cesarean section.

Benefits of natural childbirth after cesarean

  • The need for blood transfusions is reduced in normal deliveries.
  • After a natural birth, the mother is more active and returns to her normal life within a short period.
  • Mothers don't stay in the hospital for long after giving birth naturally, a day or two is enough.
  • It is less susceptible to infection.
  • Feel and see her child as soon as he leaves this world.

Possible risks of natural childbirth after cesarean delivery

If a vaginal delivery fails, it can pose risks to both the mother and the baby, as well as the pain of natural birth and the pain of a cesarean delivery afterward.

Previous delivery wounds can rupture, putting the life of the mother and baby at risk, and complications can develop and be removed after the uterus is ruptured. The mother should be careful to follow up with the doctor and make sure that the uterus has not ruptured before she goes into labor.