Milk hormone treatment and pregnancy

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 Milk hormone treatment and pregnancy

Milk hormone treatment and pregnancy

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the milk hormone

It is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the body, located at the bottom of the brain, and it is present not only in women but also in men in different proportions and at different times. Mainly responsible for stimulating the pregnant woman to produce milk and increase its secretion. During pregnancy, the breasts expand until the breasts are ready for breastfeeding.

It is responsible for regulating the level of testosterone in men, so it is closely related to the sexual performance of a man as well as the production of semen and can negatively affect it when it is increased in the body.

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Many symptoms indicate an increase in the proportion of lactogen in the body, such as a spontaneous decrease in milk from the breast, in both men and women, the case of a large increase in lactogen hormones, irregular menstruation, and osteoporosis. In both sexes, decreased libido in both sexes, infertility, and an inability to see normal, healthy, and developing breasts in affected men.

Milk and pregnancy hormone

When the percentage of milk hormones secreted from the woman’s body, the body acts based on the woman’s pregnancy or breastfeeding, which can greatly affect the regularity of the menstrual cycle, which in turn affects the work of the ovaries, by impairing the work of the ovaries. Follicle growth occurs in the ovaries, which hinders pregnancy and may cause temporary infertility and reduce ovarian hormone production. Because of the estrogen and progesterone hormones, women who are trying to conceive need to address this imbalance to return to their normal selves and ability to become pregnant.

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Milk hormone imbalance treatment

The doctor diagnoses the condition as a problem with the proportion of the milk hormone after conducting some tests, including a blood test and the levels of some of these hormones such as testosterone, stimulating hormone, thyroid hormone, and blood sugar levels. If it is confirmed that the milk hormone deficiency leads to weakness when the woman is pregnant, the attending physician must first find out the cause of the high milk hormone, such as a problem in the thyroid gland, a problem with polycystic ovaries, or taking some types of medications.

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The doctor will give the corresponding drug treatment for each problem, and then give special treatment for the problem of high Lacto hormone, and give the patient a certain type of medication such as bromocriptine, and he is interested in follow-up and regular check-ups to make sure the treatment succeeds and the situation improves, then the doctor introduces the woman to some steroids that promote the pregnancy of eggs.

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