Increased fetal movement in the seventh month

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 Increased fetal movement in the seventh month

Increased fetal movement in the seventh month

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The stage of pregnancy begins from the moment of fertilization and continues until the birth of the child, and during this stage, the woman goes through many physical and psychological changes, such as feeling short of breath, as the lung capacity increases, 

allowing the transfer of oxygen and carbon. Carbon dioxide must be removed at a greater rate than normal, changes in the size and weight of a pregnant woman's abdomen, increased size and weight of the fetus in the womb, increased nervousness, dizziness, and nausea, all due to differences in hormone levels in women. the body……

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Changes in the seventh month of pregnancy

The seventh month begins from the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy and ends in the thirtieth week, and many changes occur in the woman’s body and fetus, including:

  • Under normal conditions, the fetus is 36 cm long and weighs about 875 grams.
  • The sleeping pattern of the fetus this month compared to the previous months.
  • The steady growth of the fetus's brain and lung tissue.
  • - the size of the woman's uterus increases; Which puts pressure on the nerves and veins in her feet, which increases fatigue and pressure.
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  • stabilization of the genitals of the fetus with a fixed penis; testicles in the scrotum and cyst in the female organ; ovaries;
  • Fetal movement in the seventh month

Increased fetal movement in the seventh month

The motor system of the fetus is developing this month, and with the continuous growth of the fetus, the activity of the fetus increases significantly, and during pregnancy, the mother must monitor the activity of the fetus every day to ensure the normal movement of the fetus. 

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

If you feel weak, you should consult a doctor immediately; The necessary treatment prevents the progression of the disease; Where the normal movement of the fetus is estimated at ten movements every two hours,

 and the weak movement of the fetus may be caused by the pregnant woman taking sedatives and tranquilizers, or it may be due to the deterioration of the general health of the fetus, the lack of food passage for the mother to reach the fetus, 

and because of the lack of water available around the fetus, which is in Serious cases, may cause the death of the fetus or endanger it, and may harm the pregnant woman, if you suspect anything related to the fetus, you should consult a doctor.

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