How to know in which month the fetus moves.

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 In what month does the fetus move?

How to know in which month the fetus moves.

fetal movement

How do you know the gender of the fetus in the second month?

Fetal movement is the effect of the limbs on the anterior wall of the mother's abdomen as the fetus rotates and swims in the amniotic fluid. 

The more the mother feels this movement, the better the explanation. Some studies have shown that the movement of male fetuses differs from the movement of female fetuses.

The mother's feelings about the fetus's movement

How do I feel the movement of the fetus in the fourth month?

The mother begins to feel the movement of the fetus between the sixteenth and twenty weeks, at the end of the fourth to the fifth month, and the fetus moves at a rate of 50 beats per hour. and exercise activities.

How to know in which month the fetus moves.

Causes of dangerous low fetal movement

How does the fetus move in early May?

  • The flow of oxygen to the fetus through the umbilical cord is reduced due to maternal malnutrition and high blood pressure.
  • Reducing the area and the exchange area between the fetus and its mother because the placenta is subject to premature aging, or the presence of calcification increases this.
  • There is a lack of amniotic fluid around the fetus, which helps it move and rotate.
  • Excessive smoking, as reduces the amount of oxygen in the mother's body, which may lead to a lack of vital oxygen needed for the health of the fetus.
The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month
  • The mother uses psychotropic drugs and takes strong painkillers to reduce her awareness of the fetus's movement.
  • The presence of genetic or viral diseases can increase the distress of the fetus and limit its movement.
  • The umbilical cord contracts, causing hypoxia in the fetus.

Tips in case of fetal movement stop

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It is recommended that the expectant mother if she feels abnormal fetal movement, drinks cold drinks, 

and lies on her side if necessary if the mother does not feel the movement of the fetus. See your doctor as soon as possible for an examination and fetal echocardiogram to ensure normal blood flow to the fetus.

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