How to get pregnant with a girl or boy by choice

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 How to get pregnant with a girl

How to get pregnant with a girl or boy by choice

How to get a girl

Pregnancy occurs when sperm fertilizes eggs, all eggs have an X chromosome, sperm have an X or Y chromosome, and the type of chromosome encountered during fertilization determines the sex of the fetus. For a sperm containing an X chromosome, the fertilized egg contains two X (XX) chromosomes, 

so the fetus is female, but if the sperm containing the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, the fertilized egg becomes a male fetus because it contains a Y chromosome. Two chromosomes (XY). This proves the role of the father in determining the sex of the fetus. 

Unconfirmed theory of how to give birth to a girl

It is believed that if the mother eats certain foods during pregnancy, she is more likely to carry a fetus of a certain gender. For example, if you want to conceive a girl, it is believed that it is rich in calcium. Restricting the intake of foods and foods high in sodium can play a role in this, although others believe that drinking milk and chocolate eggs increases the chances of pregnancy. There is no scientific evidence to support this valid scientific evidence. Research to confirm this. 

  • Therefore, there are some beliefs that the possibility of conceiving a girl, taking into account several factors such as eating habits,
  •  the timing of intercourse, and other ways to increase the possibility of pregnancy by a woman or a man. Unproven therapies, as the cause cannot be related to the outcome, 
  • under normal circumstances it is 50% more likely that a woman or a man will conceive, so the couple tries to determine the gender of the fetus intervention. For example, changing the diet, the timing of intercourse, 
  • or position during intercourse is nothing more than a personal experience that you believe those who try it will be more likely to get pregnant with the desired sex. 

A proven method for determining the sex of the fetus

  • artificial insemination method
  • In vitro fertilization is one method of pregnancy support because it was primarily developed to prevent some genetic disorders, 
  • but it can also be used after the PGD process. Specific and non-medical causes of pregnancy