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How to become a welder boy

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 How to become a welder boy

How to become a welder boy

Can the sex of the fetus be determined early?

Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks from the beginning of the first day of the last menstruation to the day the fetus is born. The pregnancy period is divided into three phases, each of which lasts 3 months and the fetus continues to grow. during these periods. welder boy

  • Doctors say that it is impossible to predict the gender of the fetus at the beginning of pregnancy. This is because the genitals are usually clearly visible during the eighteenth to the twenty-first week of pregnancy, 
  • and the genitals begin to develop early in pregnancy, but not clearly. It will be displayed on the screen of the ultrasound machine known at that time. Ultrasound-like time. welder boy
How to become a welder boy

  • Ultrasound is a safe method of using sound waves and sound waves to create clear images, is commonly used for prenatal care of the fetus, 
  • and is the preferred method for imaging a pregnant woman. It does not require the use of radiation and does not harm the fetus or the mother. welder boy

The nature of the boy and his nature is it a myth?

When a woman conceives a boy, she often feels frustrated with salty and spicy foods. Love the pickled cucumber and potato chips. However, if the pregnant woman is pregnant with the woman. She craves sweets and chocolate, and in fact, no studies have been conducted to prove a link between the food a pregnant woman attracts and the sex of the fetus.

  • This thirst for certain types of foods may be due to the changing nutritional needs of pregnant women only, 
  • and thus the pregnant woman may feel the thirst for sweets, a Boy'sthirst for sweets, and diet. hormones; This leads to an exacerbation and increased sense of smell in pregnant women.

Other Myths About Boy's Pregnancy

There are many other myths related to knowing the gender of a pregnant fetus, but these stories are all just for fun, and even if these stories are consistent, 

  • these are knowing that there is no real basis for the myth, and it is true for the pregnant woman who has the same possibility of it happening or failing welder boy,
  •  and he is right Either way, because of the facts. The result is either male or female, and some of these common myths are:

How to become a welder boy

morning sickness

One of the most popular myths among people is the relationship between the severity of morning sickness and knowing the gender of the fetus. levels; Hormonal levels are thought to be higher when a girl is pregnant, but less morning sickness when a boy is pregnant. 

But the truth is that morning sickness varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. In any case welder boy, 

How to become a welder boy

it should be noted that there is one published study that states that women who suffer from severe morning sickness are more likely to become pregnant, but this is not the case. There is ample scientific evidence to support this idea welder boy. 

skin condition

For some people, if a pregnant woman is carrying a fetus, that fetus steals the beauty of her mother, but in return, being pregnant as a boy does not cause acne for the pregnant woman and preserves the beauty of her skin. 

In another story similar to this point, the length of a pregnant woman's hair is related to the sex of the fetus. It is said that when you get pregnant your mom's hair gets longer and shines and shines, welder boy

How to become a welder boy

but when you get pregnant as a girl, your mom's hair becomes frizzy and dull. There is no truth-based method because the hormones during pregnancy are different and the effects on women are different. welder boy


How to become a welder boy

Heart rate is defined as heart rate per minute, normal heart rate varies from person to person, and heart rate is an important indicator of heart health.

  • One of the universal myths devoted to knowing the gender of the fetus in the womb of the expectant mother states: that if the heart rate per minute is less than 140 beats per minute,
  •  the fetus is male and if the fetus's heart rate exceeds 140 beats per minute. The fetus becomes a girl. In fact, 
  • research has shown that there is no clear difference in heart rate between female and male fetuses in early pregnancy.

How to become a welder boy

pregnancy form

If the shape of the abdomen is low during pregnancy, then the fetus is more likely to be a boy, and if it is long it is said to be a girl, but in reality, the shape of the pregnancy is more suitable. In addition to the effects on the uterus and the shape of the woman's body. 

chest size

In the middle of pregnancy, the right breast is larger than the left breast. If the fetus is male, it is said that the breast is larger. 

How to become a welder boy

dry hands

It is widely believed that the suffering of a pregnant woman with dry or cracked hands is one of the symptoms of pregnancy in a male fetus. 

headache relapse

Some people believe that if a pregnant woman has frequent headaches during pregnancy, she is likely to be carrying a boy.